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Best Ukrainian Blockchain Startups. Part 2

Welcome back to our dedicated series of articles about Blockchain. Infopulse continues investigating innovations with the second part of our Best Ukrainian Blockchain Startups review, written in partnership with Distributed Lab. Previously we surveyed a number of promising Ukrainian startup projects, namely Bitalo, GurtOm Foundation, E-Vox, and Infra. Read on the second part of our research to learn about other great Blockchain projects from Ukraine*.


Open e-Democracy Platform E-Vox is an electronic voting system.

Status: Memorandum signing


  • Voting Transparency. Fair decision making without third parties’ influence.
  • Simplified Voting Process. Usage of specific IDs will reduce the need to create specialized voting stations.
  • Security. The Blockchain technology helps to avoid falsification and system’s attacks.


A Decentralized Content Distribution Platform that guarantees users secure content publishing all over the world.

Status: Prototype


  • Decentralized Sharing Platform. Decent Foundation provides unlimited access to digital content for everyone in the world. There are no third parties and organizations, which could influence the system.
  • Safe and Stable Share Point. The system can’t fail, as there is no central server. Additionally, it is resistible to spam and hackers’ attacks.
  • Fair System. The author starts as a beginner and builds his reputation. The audience makes the decision about the quality of the content.
  • Purchasing Clearness. Transactions are provided directly between authors and audience without any additional fees.
  • Copyright retention. The system stores and validates information about content creation.


The first mobile Bitcoin wallet that additionally allows users to exchange UAH for bitcoins and vice versa.

Status: Working application


  • Handy design. The application has all of the traditional functions combined together in a user-friendly design, which makes Bitxfy easy to use.
  • Comfortable usage. Only a few clicks to convert bitcoins to UAH and send to any Ukrainian bank card with minimal commissions. Operation speed influences transactions fee (fast or cheap transaction).
  • Safety. The application stores a user’s bitcoins, private keys and operates all transactions directly on the user’s device. It is easy to restore your wallet on any other device with the help of the mnemonic technique. Additionally, all information can be protected with a password.


New cross-border banking for businesses. The service integrates with the majority of business systems, such as Slack and Dropbox, helping users make cross-border transactions with different currencies.

  • Versatility. Hufsy synchronizes all information from chosen services. Users can check and handle all of their financials at once in an easy-to-use form. They can send and receive money abroad and throughout all their services.
  • Team work. Users can involve colleagues and guests to their Hufsy account. Additionally, owners can create roles for their visitors to customize users’ activities.


The startups we listed can give us only a tiny glimpse of the endless opportunities of the Blockchain technology and the groundbreaking developments that are being carried out in Ukraine. More and more projects arrive each day. The best are yet to come!

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