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Project Management

September 07, 2016  |  Project Management  |  Mike Sikalo

Tips on Great Job Descriptions for Software Development Managers

Today's IT employment scene is overloaded with demand. That’s why it is critical for software development managers to have a proper approach to recruitment to hunt superstar employees. The question is how to get suitable candidates interested in your vacancy. Check out our tips to settle this question once and forever....

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August 29, 2016  |  Project Management  |  Infopulse

Scrum with a Fixed-Price Project? Easy!

What if we add the Scrum methodology to a fixed-price project? Will it help to solve business challenges on time and to the highest standards? With this article, Infopulse engineers share their experience on how to use Scrum and successfully set up a complicated project as a fixed-price contract within a tight deadline....

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August 09, 2016  |  Project Management  |  Mike Sikalo

Agile Software Development in Action

Using the Agile methodology in large and technically complicated projects is often taken with skepticism. Should we use Agile in such cases? Infopulse specialists tried to answer this question through one of our big projects that we realized for a leading provider of enterprise cloud integration software.

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March 24, 2016  |  Project Management  |  Infopulse

15 Project Management Tips: How to Ensure Your Projects Are Successful

What are the key factors to completing your projects on time and within the budget? How can you get projects back on track? How to be an excellent project manager? Read 15 practical project management tips from three Infopulse Project Managers to learn from their own experience and the best practices....

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November 30, 2015  |  Project Management  |  Infopulse

Infopulse Discovers Israel IT Market with the Help of Its Israeli Partners

Infopulse has always paid special attention to keeping the public in the know of the latest company news. Since business development is currently becoming one of the most strategic directions at Infopulse, we would like to tell more about the cooperation with our Israeli partners, Michael Kodenzov and Nimrod Mano....

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