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Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Conference: Getting European Cloud Experts Together

On June 18, 2016, Kyiv (Ukraine) held AzureDAY 2016 – an annual international Microsoft Azure Conference. AzureDAY united cloud specialists and enthusiasts from all over Europe and brought insights on cutting-edge technologies, provided fresh ideas and real experiences. Being experts in cloud solutions and offering a wide range of Microsoft-based services, we at Infopulse were honored to become a partner of the conference. In the following blog article, we’d like to give a short overview of the event for those who missed it.

During the conference, attendees had an excellent chance to communicate with the best Microsoft Azure specialists in the field – a perfect opportunity for cloud professionals to share their practical solutions and gain new knowledge, learn about the current state of the technology and its development trends, and establish new contacts.

AzureDAY 2016 in numbers:

  • 180 attendees;
  • 22 speakers from 6 countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, France, and the United Kingdom);
  • 20 Microsoft MVPs, including speakers and VIP guests;
  • 4 parallel streams: 3 theoretical discussion panels and 1 practical lab;
  • 25 reports in Russian and English.

Reports that Led the Way at the Azure Conference

The most informative speech of the conference on Data Security was given by Tobiasz Koprowski, Independent Consultant and SQL Server MVP. During the live demo with the practical part, attendees learned how to apply and fine-tune security options of Windows Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2016.

The best “IT Pro” report at AzureDAY 2016 was delivered by Dmitriy Durasov. The speaker shared experience and best practices of building Azure File Storage under high load and explained how to overcome possible constraints. Building hybrid infrastructure based on Windows Server 2012 R2 by integrating in-house servers with Azure cloud is an excellent solution for digital transformation that we are happy to offer to our clients.– Volodymyr Molodets, Windows Server Engineer at Infopulse

Other speakers delivered excellent tips and presentations as well. E.g., a report by Evgeniy Nedashkovskiy, Senior SQL DBA, was dedicated to new SQL Server features and Azure IaaS in general. Sergey Poplavskiy from Microsoft Ukraine spoke about the programming of bots for IoT environments and an innovative Universal Windows Platform standard that enables developers to create one app for all Windows-based devices. Anton Vidishchev, Microsoft MVP, focused his speech on bots creation and programming, as bots in perspective could solve many regular tasks and challenges of regular business users.

As Ukrainian IT Community continues to grow and with Ukraine being a #1 outsourcing destination in EU, we expect to see more and more conferences of such high level. We would like to thank the Azure Conference organizers and participants for such a wonderful event and hope to see you next year!– Volodymyr Molodets, Windows Server Engineer at Infopulse

Did you know? Infopulse offers a wide range of Cloud-related services and solutions. Learn more about our Cloud Integration Services, Virtualization Solutions, and Microsoft-based Solutions and Services.

Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Conference AzureDAY 2016

Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Conference AzureDAY 2016

Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Conference AzureDAY 2016

Ukrainian Microsoft Azure Conference AzureDAY 2016

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