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Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

Comprehensive Environmental Management Since 2009

The company defines Environmental Policy as a set of principles that steer our business actions to help preventing, reducing and mitigating past or possible harmful impact on nature, life and human heritage. We implemented our Environmental Policy in December 2009.

Our Commitment

Infopulse is committed to the principles of sustainability and socially responsible operations, in which protection of the environment is a key component. These principles are reflected in the way we conduct our business as a company and in our individual roles as employees.

We recognize that through corporate business and actions we can influence the use of and cause possible detrimental environmental effects on natural resources and hazardous materials and, in the widest sense, the human habitat. Nevertheless, we believe that it is in the innovative development of our business as a solution and information service provider, as well as through our clients, that we will make a positive contribution to environmental sustainability.

Responsible Environmental Management

Our attention to sustainable environmental management includes the way we choose, acquire, implement, operate, and dispose of our assets, as well as conduct our partner relations in an environmentally responsible manner. We base our environmental management system on widely accepted standards that we find relevant and effective for our work, which facilitates cooperation with clients, suppliers, and other main stakeholders.

Environmental Commitments

We are committed to the following principles:

  • Leadership in environmental management
  • Careful management of resource usage
  • Wise and efficient use of energy
  • Minimization of waste
We will do this by the following means:

  • Continual improvement of environmental management practices
  • Implementation of objectives and targets supporting the Environmental Policy
  • Integration of environmental aspects into Infopulse’s Management System, i.e. planning, new projects, investments, and operations, as well as in our supplier and customer relations
  • Maintaining environmental awareness culture

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

We ensure that all corporate activities comply with the environmental legislation and other relevant environmental commitments and agreements.

Open and Effective Community Engagement

We cooperate with our stakeholders and the community to find practical solutions to environmental management issues that may arise. We are open and honest in providing any environment-related information and ensure open communication and a respectful dialogue.

Personal Environmental Competences

We ensure that our employees have the necessary knowledge of the company’s Environmental Policy.

Reviews of Environmental Performance

We regularly review our environmental performance through environmental impact assessments, process monitoring and measurement, and both internal and external audits of our Environmental Management System.

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