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Strengths That Make Us Different

In over 25 years, Infopulse has built a strong reputation as a producer of innovative software solutions and as a provider of reliable IT services.

Our focus has always been to ensure customer satisfaction, doing so by providing services that exceed client expectations in security, speed, and quality. Along with that, flexible engagement models and attractive pricing are the other main characteristic of what we do.

Moreover, working with Infopulse is efficient and pleasant due to a number of reasons:

  • Passion for technology: Advanced technical skills always up-to-date and available
  • Rich talent pool: We employ over 1,300 highly experienced professionals, most of them have MS in Computer Science degrees and others hold BS in Computer Science, Maths, or Physics.
  • Strong language competency: All our engineers speak English fluently and other key people speak German, Swedish, Norwegian, or French.
  • Global and Local: Nearshoring via development teams offsite and delivery by our local offices and our task force teams, onsite
  • Exceptional availability: Our time zone is GMT+0200, but we are accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for the inquiries of our clients.
  • Quality assurance according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard: Infopulse considers IS0 9001 standards and guidelines as a way to demonstrate the quality of development processes applied in the company, improve the quality of products being delivered, and increase projects’ cost-effectiveness.
  • Risk management: The system of preventive risk management we use includes quality assurance, project management, training and education, people management, risk management, reuse management, metrics management, deliverables management, and infrastructure management.
  • We are Agile: If incremental delivery or quick wins are needed, but we also work with traditional approaches

to discuss how Infopulse can help you focus on YOUR strengths.

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