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Ukraine Talents

The life and work of many distinguished and world-renowned people are closely connected with Ukraine. Here are some of them.

Science and technology

  • Igor Sikorsky: A pioneering aircraft designer, he was born on May 25th, 1889 in Kyiv. He is famous for his invention of the helicopter, the first multi-engined jumbo planes and intercontinental passenger airliners, and designing the mass production of helicopters.
  • Serhii Koroliev: A Ukrainian rocket scientist, he was the most prominent figure of the 20th century in space rocket and ship building. He was born in December 30th, 1906 (January 12th, 1907) in Zhytomyr.
  • Illia Mechnikov: A Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine. He was one of the founders of evolutionary embryology, the founder of scientific gerontology, and he discovered phagocytosis. He was born on May 3rd (15th), 1845 near Kharkiv, Ukraine.
  • Sergey Lebedev: A prominent Academician, he led a team at the Kiev Institute of Electrotechnology, developing the first MESM computer in USSR and Europe between 1948-1950.
  • Abram Ioffe: A prominent physicist, he was an expert in electromagnetism, radiology, crystals, high-impact physics, thermoelectricity and photoelectricity. He was born born in 1880, in Ukraine’s Sumy region.
  • Stephen Timoshenko: A Ukrainian-American engineer, he is considered the father of modern engineering mechanics, and a founding member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
  • Dmitri Mendeleev: A Russian chemist and inventor, he was the creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements, and became a science master in the Simferopol gymnasium in Ukraine.


  • Mikhail Bulgakov: A playwright, theatre director and author, he wrote such acclaimed novels and stories as The Master and Margarita, The White Guard and Heart of a Dog. He was born in Kyiv on May 3rd (15th), 1891.
  • Kazimir Malevich: An avant-gardist artist, founder of suprematism, an art movement, born in Kyiv on February 23rd, 1878.
  • Milla Jovovich: A famous model and actress, born in Kyiv, spent the first five years of her life in Ukraine.
  • Nikolai Gogol: An outstanding writer and playwright, his works are recognised as classics in Russian literature. He was born on March 31st (19th), 1809 near Poltava, Ukraine.
  • Andy Warhol (Andrii Varhola): The founder of pop art, an extremely popular figure in the modern art of 20th century, has Ukrainian origins.
  • Mykola Leontovych (1877–1921): A Ukrainian composer. His adaptation of Shchedryk, a Ukrainian Christmas carol, is known the world over as the Carol of the Bells.


  • Golda Meir: A politician, one of the founders of Israel, and the first woman to become the Prime-Minister of Israel. She was born in Kyiv, where lived until her 15th birthday.


  • Andriy Shevchenko: A Ukrainian football player, he has won multiple awards: The Ballon d’Or Prize, The Best Shooter of the Champions League (awarded 3 times), and is the second best shooter in the history of Milan.
  • Serhiy Bubka: A Ukrainian pole-vaulter, he was the first sportsman to take the six-metre mark. He was born on December 4th, 1963, in Luhansk.
  • Klichko Brothers: Living legends of international boxing, these professional Ukrainian boxers together possess all international champion titles in super heavyweight boxing: Vitalii has the WBO and WBC titles; Volodymyr has won the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles.
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