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Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Expert IT Services and Solutions for the FMCG Market

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is fiercely competitive. In order to succeed, companies need dynamic business tactics—flexible strategies that can change rapidly when confronted with new challenges and opportunities.

This puts tremendous pressure on key decision makers, who rely on their IT resources to make accurate business choices. Because of this pressure, the FMCG industry has been a driving evolutionary force in IT, demanding sophisticated tools that drastically improve efficiency in distribution, shelving, pricing, and merchandising.

The IT industry met this demand by developing powerful data collection and analytical tools, giving key decision makers—such as sales and marketing directors—the ability to perform vital tasks:

  • Track and analyze marketing data in real-time
  • Identify which product lines sell well, and in which markets they should be targeted.
  • Train sales people to maximize sales revenue
  • See what the competition is up to by analyzing their information in real-time
  • Accurately forecast demand

Our Services

Staying competitive in this field requires that companies make strategic IT investments. According to Gartner’s predictions for 2016, companies must adapt to easy-to-use, fast and agile modern BI platforms. We help organizations take full advantage of these developments, ensuring that they stay ahead of their competition by providing a full range of IT services and solutions:

  • Legacy Systems Migration and Modernization
  • Architectural Improvements that Enhance Performance
  • Mobile Technologies and Tools
  • Business Intelligence Systems
  • 3rd Party Application Integration
  • User-Friendly Interface Design

Legacy System Migration and Modernization

For decades, successful FMCG companies have taken advantage of powerful information technology tools and systems. However, many of these earlier systems have now become legacy, giving businesses with modern systems a tremendous competitive advantage.

The need to stay current with new technology has never been more important; but the process of transforming legacy systems comes with potential downfalls, such as high costs and the risk of extended downtime. Add this to the fact that most FMCG manufacturers have processes that are woven into in large, complex, and business critical systems. Thankfully, there are many viable options available that drastically reduce risk while ensuring a clear return on investment.

For many years our team of professionals have combined expertise with proven methodologies to successfully transform legacy systems of many FMCG manufactures. We provide expert legacy migration and modernization services that transform outdated systems into viable, robust business tools. These services save our clients from the cost and hassle of increasing their internal IT department, allowing them to focus on what they do best.

Development of Business Intelligence Tools

We develop sophisticated, easy-to-use software applications that give powerful productivity tools to employees from all parts of the organization. We provide comprehensive developmental services that are fully customizable to unique business requirements. Whether they are hosted internally or in the cloud, on desktops or in mobile devices, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the latest and greatest IT solutions.

Mobile Technology Development

We make sure business applications are accessible via mobile devices, giving people the ability to access vital information anytime and anywhere they need it.

Sales Force Mobile Automation

Mobile automation of the sales force has long been a crucial tool for FMCG companies. This technology connects the entire workforce with both clients and suppliers. We have developed many different applications addressing the needs of sales people, top management, and the company personnel as a whole.

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