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Infopulse Meets Guests from a Norwegian Academy

Infopulse welcomed guests from Nansen Academy. It is the third year in a row that students from a Norwegian University of Humanities come to Kyiv to learn about Kyiv life and Ukrainian culture.

It has been the 4th visit of the Academy’s representatives to Kyiv in the past three years. Apart from students, practically all faculty of the Academy came to Ukraine last year.

This tradition has been established owing to the initiative of Anatolii Kykyliuk, a former employee of Infopulse and now a student of the Academy:

All trip agendas were different. First of all, it is because Ukraine and Kyiv in particular live a very rich and diverse cultural life, and we planned the excursions based on the students’ interests. This time, we paid our attention to history that connects Ukraine and Scandinavia, visited the Golden Gate, St. Sophia Cathedral, Kyivan Rus exhibition at the National Historical Museum and Volodymyr Cathedral. It is very important that Infopulse management welcomes Norwegian guests so as to tell about its business, Ukraine and its life. Communication with the company employees, on the other hand, shows the real situation in Ukraine as Eastern Europe is usually shown grey in international news and is mentioned only when something dramatic happens here, while the dialogue with the company lets you understand that modern Ukraine has much more positive sides. Academy students note that they heard something about IT companies, but few of them understood the importance of the part they play in the society. Thanks to live communication with the management and employees of Infopulse they have learnt many new things about life in Ukraine and the company’s cooperation with Scandinavia. They were also surprised by many facts, for example, that Ukraine is directly involved in development of mobile-banking for one of the Norwegian banks. We have also come to the conclusion that we have many values in common: family, children, health and love for nature. At the same time, Ukraine and Norway are different in their approach to work which makes project cooperation interesting and inspiring and allows people to learn from each other. – Anatolii Kyryliuk, Programme Initiator

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We still cannot understand why they like us here so much, – laughs Helen. – Each year we receive such a warm welcome. In Infopulse, we feel as if we are at home and hope that it is not our last visit. – Helen Strand-Johansson, Academy professor

The students want to come to Kyiv again and also see other Ukrainian cities and towns. Infopulse, in its turn, will continue receiving guests from Nansen Academy in the future.

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