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Infopulse Partners with Distributed Lab for Blockchain Innovations

Infopulse and Distributed Lab, a leading Ukrainian Blockchain research and development company, are happy to announce the beginning of a new partnership with a focus on Blockchain technology developments and close cooperation in innovating business segments.

On July 4, 2016, Infopulse President Alexey Sigov, Distributed Lab Founder Pavel Kravchenko, and Distributed Lab CEO Vladimir Dubinin met to discuss their mutual interest in Blockchain technology and agreed on a partnership and joint operations. Both parties are sure that Blockchain, being an innovative and prospective solution, paves the way for a wide range of new and strong opportunities for businesses, namely financial and banking services, as well as governmental and public sectors.

In the light of partnership agreement, main directions for cooperation were specified:

  • Research & Development. Infopulse and Distributed Lab will continue working on business surveys and explore technology aspects to identify the main bottlenecks in different business sectors that can be solved with Blockchain solutions. This research allows both companies to implement state-of-the-art projects where they are really needed.
  • Projects. Infopulse and Distributed Lab will unite their knowledge and opportunities to provide businesses with innovative Blockchain solutions.
  • Education. Aiming to foster the new “Blockchain generation”, Infopulse and Distributed Lab join forces in various educational activities.
  • Conferences. Infopulse and Distributed Lab will coordinate both companies’ client-oriented and technological approaches to organize Blockchain forums and conferences. Companies will provide businesses, partners, and developers with relevant information about Blockchain technology aspects, existing projects and ways to create and apply new Blockchain solutions.

Alexey Sigov, Infopulse President

We expect a lot from this agreement, as this cooperation will bring many new opportunities and will accelerate Blockchain implementation.Alexey Sigov, Infopulse President

Pavel Kravchenko, Distributed Lab Founder

We experiment with different ideas in business sectors where Blockchain might be implemented. In fact, we are looking for business models in decentralized fields where this technology works best. We dedicate a lot of time to technical research closely following technology changes and development.Pavel Kravchenko, Distributed Lab Founder

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