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Infopulse Sponsors SE2016 Software Engineering Conference

Infopulse is glad to announce it supports SE2016 Software Engineering Conference as both Platinum Sponsor and a participant. SE2016 is one of the biggest Ukrainian IT conferences that brings together software developers and startups for three days on September 2-4 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Software Engineering Conference is a large-scale event for the IT community with lots of speakers, lectures, and attendees aiming to learn about latest best practices and hot industry topics. In the space of three days, participants will discuss such trends as:

This year all visitors will have an opportunity to attend 12 stages with 100 lectures presented by hundreds of leading international and Ukrainian experts. Infopulse VP of Marketing, Jan Keil and Java Software Developer, Roman Uholnikov will represent the company at the conference. In his speech, Jan Keil will be covering the topic of Low-Budget Marketing for Startups. Roman Uholnikov will talk about Database Versioning and Migration in Java-Based Projects.

To engage in a discussion and networking with participants, Infopulse hosts its own booth and serves refreshments. The company ensures a cool atmosphere, which allows following up the conference speeches with a personal conversation.

Infopulse aims to share its experience and to gain new knowledge from our colleagues at Software Engineering Conference. Moreover, we want to strengthen our brand awareness within the local market of talents, as such conferences are the best place for exchanging valuable information, nurturing relationships, and searching new personnel.– Jan Keil, Infopulse VP of Marketing

More information about the conference you may find on the official Software Engineering Conference 2016 website.

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