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Infopulse Orgainises Healthy Lifestyle Training Sessions for Its Team Members

Infopulse regularly organises a range of different programs aimed at maintaining good health. One of such events has become a cycle of seminars on leading a healthy lifestyle which was conducted at the company’s premises.

A leading Ukrainian specialist in the field of healthcare – Oleg Tern – was invited as a trainer. Considering the employees’ specialization Oleg has developed a program, which consists of five thematic training sessions.

Using simple schemes the trainer helped the seminar participants systematize the accumulated knowledge and understand the key principles of health system.

Our lifestyle should be created leaning on scientific data and modern positions of evidence-based medicine. It is important not to turn any action into a self-fulfilling prophecy; physical training, rational diet and other healthy lifestyle issues should serve as a “toothbrush” for the body, they should occupy minimal time, but bring maximum use. Everybody knows the simple rules of healthy lifestyle: follow the daily regimen, have enough sleep, eat more vegetables and fruit, have a balanced diet, drink enough clean water. However, apart from these obvious rules, there are numerous myths and misconceptions which are very hard to sort out. If you understand the key principles of why we need to act this or that way, and know the key recommendations, it is easy to do! The participants of the seminar had a chance to see it for themselves – Oleg Tern, seminars author and trainer

Oleg Tern is a trained psychotherapist; he used to work as a medical journalist and a copy-editor of a professional medical edition; is the author of a popular blog on healthy lifestyle as well as of methodological recommendations which make it easy to plan and implement rational dieting and physical training.

The seminars were of great success, contained a lot of useful and practical information, specialised concepts and notions were explained in simple and clear language. Independent acquisition, understanding and systematisation of such knowledge would have taken much more time and effort, and hardly would have been effective for the absence of specialised education – Dmitriy Bezuglov, the participant of the seminar

Infopulse traditionally supports healthy lifestyle and is planning to conduct similar seminars in the future.

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