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Business Continuity Planning

Development and Implementation of Solid Business Continuity Programs

Nowadays many companies consider business continuity planning as a core part of everyday business activities. Protection of mission-critical resources drastically decreases possible negative impacts, and effective business continuity planning and management provides strong measures against the sequences of negative events in contrary to ceasing to survive.

Infopulse helps its customers with development of realistic, cost-effective business continuity plans, which clearly determine the mission-critical resources, relevant risks and impacts of disaster events, outline the detailed mitigation for each potential harmful event, define the understandable recovery objectives and the corresponding recovery strategies, and provide the ongoing measurements of performance and value.


  • Improve understanding of business and technical processes by company employees
  • Decrease the recovery time and minimize the negative revenue impact
  • Meet regulatory requirements for business continuity
  • Align the costs of planning with the actual risks faced by the company
  • Identify and eliminate single points of failure in company infrastructure and business processes
  • Identify potential cost reductions by improving/creating operating efficiencies
  • Ensuring the business function viability at the time and after a major incident happens
  • Maintain the productivity of employees across all company operations
  • Preserve the company brand equity and shareholder value


  • Understanding organization
  • Business impact analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Business continuity strategies development
  • Emergency response and operations development
  • Development and implementation of business continuity plans
  • Business continuity awareness and training
  • Testing business continuity plans
  • Development of crisis communication plan


  • Valuable improvement of mission-critical business processes as a direct result of business continuity planning efforts
  • Infopulse Security Management Framework can be used to support service activities
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