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Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Program as a Cost-Efficient and Proactive Security Measure

An effective Security Awareness Program as described in a number of international standards and best practices on security includes a wide range of activities.

Security Awareness is interconnected with event and incident management and many other security-related processes (configuration management, secure coding, and so on).

Since many security incidents have internal causes, Security Awareness Program is one of the most cost-efficient proactive security measures. The proper level of education, awareness, and motivation is the key factor for decreasing security incidents and increasing trust and loyalty.

Infopulse ensures the development of a robust Security Awareness Program that includes:

  • Security warnings at the hiring interview
  • Signing the commitments (security policy, non-disclosure agreements, personal data protection, copyright disclaimers, and others)
  • Addressing security in job responsibilities
  • Security training and testing at the adaptation stage
  • Regular security training and testing based on security policy
  • Customized security training and testing for different user profiles (software developers, system administrators, marketing and sales, accountants, and more)
  • On-demand security training and testing (e.g., incident follow-ups)
  • Online security training and testing
  • Project-specific security training and testing
  • Security training and testing management system with automatic reminders and notifications
  • Security blogs and forums
  • Security mailings (announcements, vulnerability warnings, to name a few)
  • Handouts (booklets, brochures, and more)
  • Printed posters
  • Electronic posters and banners (e.g., substitution of web banners)
  • Security research communities and mailings
  • Other activities (polling, games, competitions, and others)
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