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Software Asset Management

Protect Against Business Risks with Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) with Infopulse means effective managing, controlling, protecting and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and retirement of software assets – throughout all stages of their life-cycle within your company.

With our Software Asset Management services and solutions, you will gain in three ways – you will:

  1. Get compliance
  2. Save costs
  3. Create transparency

Our experts will provide you with a complete overview of the software used in your organization and, in parallel, will ensure that it is licensed correctly.

You can benefit from our expertise and protect your IT infrastructure from legal, financial, and other risks.

Infopulse’s Software Asset Management as a service has the following options:

Execute Software Inventory

The audit of installed software to get an overview of used applications and to guarantee the compliance of licenses in accordance with software entitlements. Identification of forbidden applications and resources on PCs.

Deliver Scheduled Reports

Generating detailed inventory reports based on collected audit information using a set of clear and accurate inventory templates.

Software compliance report includes information about the total number of installations and available licenses for every application used in the network to identify license shortages and excesses.

Build Ownership Strategy

Consideration of alternative licensing scheme of applied licensing schemes on the market and licensing peculiarities of certain software product or vendor for harmonization of licensing expenditure.

Analyze Usage Patterns

Re-harvesting of unused licenses to make them available to other employees who required them, without incurring the cost of new licenses.

Optimize Software Usage

Managing the software licenses more effectively, that can significantly cut their software licensing costs.

Implement Usage Policies

Revision of existing processes related to the software ownership and use with the purpose of optimization and lifecycle management.

Implement Certificate Management

SSL certificate management for operational efficiency with large and midsize infrastructures. Discovering and monitoring all SSL certificates from any Certificate Authority to help ensure business continuity and compliance.

We have a vast expertise in building license ownership models with key software vendors: Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, and RedHat.

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