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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Infopulse – your trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions partner

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Infopulse has 10+ years of profound experience customizing, implementing, and integrating Microsoft-based solutions. We are ready to cater to all of your business needs and supply you with customized solutions – regardless of the project scope.

Our services ensure you will get the best value by helping you to reduce sales cycle significantly, making it more predictable, increase productivity, strengthen relationships and enlarge your customer base, saving your precious time and boosting the amount of successfully closed deals.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Infopulse: Facts & Figures

  • 30+ experienced consultants and developers
  • 5+ years of experience in developing and implementing MS Dynamics CRM Solutions out-of-the-box
  • Key Operational Workloads: HCM, Business projects, Budget Foundation, Expenses, SRM, Sales force automation, Customer Care, Marketing Automation and others
  • Key Competences: Implementation, Customization, Migration, Integration with other Microsoft products, International end-to-end deployments, In-memory BI Virtualization, and others.
  • Selected Technologies Stack: Microsoft Technology Stack, SharePoint, Outlook, Office 365, Yammer, Skype, MS SQL, Azure, .NET etc.

Our Dynamics CRM Methodology

Ensuring the transparency of the project development, we have successfully adopted Microsoft Sure-Step Implementation Methodology. This solid approach includes prescriptive phase-by-phase, activity-by-activity descriptions for implementing, upgrading, or migrating projects. Sure-Step Methodology allows you to easily monitor your project even at the earliest stages of development, thus empowering us to bring you the best service possible.

Our methodology is split into several flexible stages, which can be easily altered to suit your company requirements:

The very first step is to identify essential business processes and assess infrastructure. To create a project plan we work it through with our clients. This allows us to determine the best project approach as well as to define its scope.

Infopulse closely works with our clients to effectively analyze, outline, document and plan key business processes. This analysis allows us to define project requirements crucial to unlock an enormous potential of Dynamics CRM.

We determine the best strategy to configure and implement business requirements. During this stage we customize the software to fit your specific needs by finalizing initial documentation — from modifying the user interface to modifying reports; from mapping and designing data migration processes to configuring custom code development.

We produce and test the code for the customizations, as well as for the data migration. We adapt existing features, develop new functions and complete the system configuration. Then, we rigorously test the functionality and security of these solutions, ensuring the superior quality of delivered products.

Infopulse creates the client’s operational Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment by installing, configuring, and deploying features. We then ensure full functionality by performing comprehensive system level audit (Performance Testing, User Acceptance Tests, etc.).

Operation and Support
After successful implementation and launch, the project will be moved to on-going post launch support. Our dedicated team of experts provides our clients with full step-by-step support, ready to resolve any possible issues.

With various platforms integrations, unified reports, deals tracking, time management and a wide array of other features, you will get an amazing case tracking service with almost limitless possibilities.

Related Client Cases

One of the TOP 10 American insurance companies: deployed a complex MS SharePoint- and Dynamics CRM-based solution, achieved smooth integration between MS Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

French IT Service Provider: deployed a MS Dynamics-based solution for customer relationships management, directory of clients management, clients contacts, tracking interactions with them (phone calls, emails, meetings), tracking sales funnel (the full way from potential client to invoice, “intermediate” task for persons responsible for the customer, etc.)

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