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Microsoft Project Server

Project Server Consulting as an Efficient Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation Strategy

Microsoft Project Server provides a central project information database, analytical data storage, and web access for project data and reports. These tools improve project performance, standardize project data and status, and provide management with real-time access—allowing them to best utilize their time and money.

Project management tools significantly increase management efficiency, helping reduce project expenses and risks. Microsoft Project Server (EPM/PPM), a leader according to Gartner’s reports, is one of the best project management tools available today.

We help our clients implement Microsoft Project Server by developing flexible and scalable solutions that address their unique needs.

What we can help you with:

  • Consulting on project and collaboration tools and project management methodology
  • Evaluation and formalization of Project Server solution’s business requirements
  • System technical assessment and installation of Project Server
  • Customized development for Microsoft Project Server and integration with external systems
  • Development of analytical reports for Project Server solutions under PC and mobile platforms
  • Ongoing maintenance of Microsoft Project Server
  • Consulting on migration activities from older Microsoft Project Server (EPM) to newer versions of its kind.

Consulting on Project and Collaboration Tools and Project Management Methodology

Increasingly, organizations are turning to Project Management Office (PMO) to serve as a center of excellence for their project/program management practice and to advance the overall maturity of project/program management discipline in their organizations.

However, for a variety of reasons, PMOs have failed to produce the desired results. All too often, PMOs have failed to address the full spectrum of the components of PMO success: People, Processes, and Technology.

In particular, the “process” and “people” aspects of the PMO are often either neglected, or completely overlooked.

Infopulse brings people, processes, and technology together, helping clients get more projects done successfully while improving overall project management maturity.

We help our clients navigate through the Microsoft Project Server process with simplicity and ease, developing a perfect system that turns every project into success. Our mission is to empower project management teams through better processes and deep understanding of performance based metrics.

Evaluation and formalization of Microsoft Project Server solution’s business requirements

Infopulse helps clients define what they are trying to achieve, determine a detailed Project Server solution that will meet their vision, and build a plan to deliver that solution. We will look at their current project management capabilities, work with the key stakeholders, get buy-in from all parties, and work out the implementation details.

We provide the results of our evaluation in a business requirement document. It contains the following:

Project Management

  • Schedule Development
  • Schedule Status update and tracking
  • Time Sheets
  • Project Management Processes
  • Project Artifact / Documents
  • Risks and Issues
  • Project Performance Control
  • Management Reporting

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery requirements

  • Technical criteria for solution delivery

Users and Their Needs

  • Physical description of users
  • Grouping users in terms of roles
  • Information needs of each user group
  • Number of users in each group

Security Requirements

  • Security considerations for each user group
  • Managing security

Having the appropriate level of sponsorship to implement an improved solution is critical for the success of any new technology. The solution may change how people work, but will provide greater visibility and accountability, which sometimes creates adoption challenges.

The appropriate level of sponsorship is crucial to realizing the value of change and the improvements and efficiencies to be gained. It is critical to get users involved early, understand the changes that are coming, and embrace them positively.

System technical assessment and installation of Microsoft Project Server

Proper planning and a thorough understanding of system requirements are imperative to ensuring a smooth and successful deployment. Our Microsoft Project Server experts achieve this by performing the following actions:

    1. Interview clients to complete the environment and usage requirements.

This may require input from IT, Project Management, HR and Executive disciplines.

  1. Provide a topological diagram of their planned Microsoft Project Server farm layout (if applicable), with information on the following:
    • Operating System
    • Platform
    • Hardware Specs Covering Disk Configuration, Memory, CPU, NIC(s), Segment/Speed.
  2. Assess potential bottleneck areas and make plans to mitigate them
  3. Fix results in documentation
  4. Install Microsoft EPM

Customized development for Microsoft Project Server and integration with external systems

For companies with a great many users, more complex needs, a significant amount of integration, extensive customization, or other in-depth work, we offer complete custom deployment.

To fully satisfy our clients’ enterprise project, program, portfolio, and collaboration needs, we develop Microsoft Project Server solutions and services that enhance, integrate, and work seamlessly with the Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint.

Our software development expertise enables us to meet your organization’s exact requirements, helping you achieve a greater and quicker Return on Investment.

We get our clients the most out of their investments by developing custom solutions to their out-of-the-box platforms, such as Microsoft Project Server 2010/2013 and SharePoint. These solutions enhance system performance and improve end-user adoption rates.

Infopulse also develops custom solutions that help clients integrate the Microsoft Project Server platform with other enterprise systems. We specifically target automation around system inputs and outputs. Most popular customizations include:

  • HR System Integration
  • Financial System
  • Billing Systems Integration and Digital Dashboards
  • Reports
  • SharePoint Custom Site Templates for better information distribution

Develop analytical reports for EPM solutions under PC and mobile platforms

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, organizations need to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. Many vastly different levels of effort and expertise are required to produce Project Server solutions that render needed reports.

We use Microsoft Project Server, as well as other reporting tools, to provide custom reports and dashboards, which are designed for PC and mobile platforms.

Dashboards and reports can be designed to deliver improved decision making by leveraging data from a Project Server and SharePoint in real time. These dashboards can be tailored based upon a user’s role (CIO, portfolio manager, project manager, resource manager), and they allow the user to take action through integrated collaboration capabilities. Data can be displayed in a variety of formats, including static reports, pivot tables, graphs, and charts—rolling up and consolidating data into drillable executive dashboards.

Ongoing maintenance of the Microsoft Project Server

In order for you to enjoy a worry-free Project Server experience, support is essential. Our technical support team is fully dedicated to ensuring you receive timely responses. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to quickly provide you with answers, saving you both time and money.

Our support team provides SLA based issue resolutions. It also customizes Project Server frameworks—to fulfill client requests for changing or additional requirements—and manages the “solution lifecycle” in the dynamic environment of our clients.

Consulting on migration activities from older Microsoft Project Server to newer versions of its kind

Some clients already have made significant investments in deploying older Office Project Server across their organizations. Upgrading processes and strategies by migrating from older Office Project Server will go smoothly with our experience.

Infopulse provides consulting services that help organizations migrate to the newest Microsoft Project Server without losing any bit of information—keeping processes and data in their original form. We offer consulting services on upgrading Operational Systems (if needed), migrating databases, visually upgrading sites, and verifying data after migration is finished.

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