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Telecom Operations & Customer Service

Proactive Support of Operations & Customer Service for Telecom Companies Worldwide

Infopulse is one of the leading providers of Telecom Operations and Customer Service support in Europe, with powerful delivery capabilities, highly-experienced telecom and customer service professionals, transparent business processes, and an attractive pricing.

Our engineers and technicians provide product-based and support services for Telecom companies — helping them maximize end-user value and experience — while our account management team helps our clients to maximize profit, improve customer service, and ensure the quality of their services.

Competence Centers in Details

Network Service Fulfillment

We manage customer interaction worldwide: voice customer interconnection lifecycle, fixed services design, validating service fulfillment, and configuring the service setup of the network.

This involvement also includes provisioning and testing activities, like:

  • Roaming Hub provisioning and full cycle of new roaming relations establishment between mobile operators
  • Voice and VoIP services provisioning activities (activating, changing, testing, and troubleshooting of new voice and VoIP services)
  • SDH interconnections setup and tests

Service and Network Assurance

Infopulse runs a 24/7 monitoring center facility specialized on Telecom enterprises and provides constant proactive monitoring of international carrier network platforms and services:

  • Voice switching VoIP and TDM
  • SS7 Network
  • International data roaming
  • SMS/MMS traffic

We assure operative identification and localization of any kind of technical problems on IP/Core network and clear all faults as quickly as possible, giving priority to service affecting faults.

High-skilled specialists provide comprehensive technical support of Voice/Mobile Data/IP services which includes: troubleshooting, analysis, resolution, and technical escalations.

Quality of Voice Service

Our engineers fix issues on the network faster than our customer reacts: we provide proactive monitoring of incoming and outgoing voice traffic services and proactively re-route them. We also deal with supplier management and blacklisting activities for our clients.

We make sure that you can call anytime even at the Olympic Games, the World Cup, and on Ramadan.

Infopulse provides services within the following telecom technologies, standards, and platforms and works with the following tools:

  • LTE: Diameter, SCTP
  • Sigtran: M2UA, M3UA
  • Mobile Switching: NSN (Nokia-Siemens Network), Ericsson
  • NGN (Next Generation Networks) platforms: Sonus, Veraz, ACME/Dialogic
  • Hubbing: Openmind SMSC/SMSFW/MMSC
  • Operations: MSC/MSS/MGw/HLR
  • Tools: Tektronix Geoprobe, SIGOS, Wireshark, Meucci, Qlikview, Nagios, Cacti, BusinessObjects
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