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Infopulse Continues to Enhance the Security Knowledge Base of the SCM Development Team

Among the challenges of contemporary world, one seems to outstand from now forever: the rapid and continuous change.

Many businesses underestimate the pace, with which new technologies emerge and disrupt the ordinary course of nature. This process is not linear anymore. We have to learn exponential thinking about technology in both ways: the immense opportunity to improve our life and the growing surface for cyber-attacks.

Going in line with the exponential change means more than survival. It is the only way to progress and deliver a true value. Learning is the key word. We learn, share the knowledge, and change accordingly.

Sharing expertise with each other on a regular basis is a standard practice fixed in our company policies. However, Infopulse workshops became a special activity aimed at opening creative potential of people to its full capacity.

The Way We Learn

Internal workshops are the part of the Infopulse Educational Programs. Here is the brief update on our experience that we received from the Infopulse information security experts.

The recent workshop was dedicated entirely to the Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager team: developers, designers, product managers, marketers, and all project stakeholders.

During the full day event, Infopulse security experts shared their vision on the SCM product and the newest discoveries in the world of security. The focus was on the basic aspects of security compliance, risk management, and the SCM use cases.

The latest information security approaches, the outstanding use cases, and the best practices all in one 8-hour session package. No boring stuff, no heavy theories or extensive statistics – only practical knowledge from the first hand.

Information Security and Compliance

To date, the SCM functionality enables users to implement and manage multiple standards, policies or processes of various nature. But the initial idea standing behind the product development was built around information security compliance.

The workshop time flied fast in real-world use cases discussions, brainstorming, and training activities. Everybody wanted to contribute.

Besides the plunge into the world of compliance and risk management best practices, all were excited to look behind the scene of security industry. The current drivers, the security systems basic components, methodologies and approaches, and the key actors and factors making security world to go round.

The workshop program consisted of six major blocks:

  • Security world landscape: standards, terminology
  • Understanding of cause and effect relationships
  • Compliance methodology and techniques
  • Risks methodology and techniques
  • Understanding of basic IT security personas
  • Understanding of basic SCM related Use-Cases

The most exciting part was about SCM use cases. The team members were modeling real life situations, adding more challenges into the picture, exploring the approaches, and exchanging ideas.

Another important outcome was our firm confidence that through sharing expertise we enable each other to create better value for the customer.

Gains from the Workshop

Apart from the up-to-date practical knowledge, the workshop enabled the SCM team to expand their SCM product vision. Infopulse security experts demonstrated a variety of the SCM use models applied differently depending on the established objectives. Similar way they presented several approaches to risk assessment with regard to different users or different objects.
The transition from Prevention-Based to Risk-Based Security Model made an impact on the entire compliance industry. The SCM platform has been developing this way from the start.

We got familiar with the latest achievents of the internationaly recognized information security leaders, for instance, of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Sharing Expertise

Why do we find this workshop so much important for our SCM team? Information security is the cornerstone on which Infopulse has grown from a small company to an industry leader. With thousands of projects in the portfolio, Infopulse keeps product security as a number one priority.

We are proud that Infopulse gained a reputation of a security-oriented company and a reliable partner worldwide.

Sharing expertise between teams and divisions enables us to keep abreast with the innovations and the newest approaches emerging in the IT industry.

Inspired by the insights and ideas received at the workshop the SCM teams are excited to start a new page in the product further improvement.

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