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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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Infopulse - Expert Software Engineering, Infrastructure Management Services
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SAP to Azure Migration for Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Firm

30% Performance Boost with SAP to Azure Migration for Ukraine’s Largest Medicine Producer

Client: PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa”
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Size: 1,000+ employees
Location: Ukraine

Client Background

PrJSC “Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa” is Ukraine’s largest producer of medicinal products, having long-standing pharmaceutical traditions. With 88 years of history, Darnitsa takes the leading position in the domestic pharmaceutical market by volume more than 20 years that proves to be true by year-to-year indicators of the industrial and market activity of the enterprise, as well as authoritative branch ratings. Darnitsa shows significant progress within the process of digital transformation, succeeding in the implementation of market-leading technologies.

Business Challenge

Darnitsa wanted to migrate its SAP infrastructure to the cloud environment since the platform had to be managed with a cost-effective approach. At the same time, the performance of SAP platform and intensive operations became critical and required better management of infrastructure, dynamic allocation of computing and data storage resources. Darnitsa required external help to overcome the following challenges:

  • Local SAP infrastructure utilization level reached the critical threshold in terms of performance and capacity and required costly upgrade.
  • Supporting traditional server/storage/network hardware with backup/HA solutions was too costly in comparison to the cloud.
  • Technical and implementation expertise had to be delegated to a reliable service provider.
  • Proper migration planning also required relevant expertise.
  • Business Continuity became dependent on the availability of the ERP platform requiring High Availability and Data Recovery processes.
  • IT infrastructure support created an increased need for availability of highly skilled technicians both for hardware maintenance and for local SAP support.
  • Agile infrastructure adoption required significant investment in local infrastructure with oversizing, leading to extra expenses.
  • Dev/Test/QA environments required extra resources and support.
  • The customer needed to extend professional SAP Basis support and have an on-demand functional SAP Partner with a local presence.
  • Up to 300 end-users (executives and decision makers) would benefit from this transition.

A Microsoft certified partner since 2004 and Microsoft CSP Tier 1 for EU and CIS, Infopulse previously helped Darnitsa implement another important cloud migration project. Azure is fully certified and approved by SAP as a reliable platform for SAP products and solutions. SAP on Azure is now used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies – its scalability is huge and handles more than 5Trln storage transactions on a monthly basis. Besides, SAP migration to Azure allows spinning up VM’s in minutes and SLA’s that provide for 99.9% VM availability for all these SAP products.

Infopulse offered Darnitsa its help to boost their SAP systems through migration to Azure with enhanced agility, lower TCO and storage expenses, higher availability and innovation.


With the help of Microsoft Ukraine, Infopulse conducted a full-scale heterogeneous migration of SAP platform to Azure replacing Oracle DB with SAP HANA, the first transition of such scale on the Ukrainian market:

  • All Microsoft and SAP managed services from a single provider: Infopulse became a one-stop shop of full-cycle Microsoft and SAP managed services for Darnitsa Pharmaceutical Company;
  • All SAP data kept within high-speed cloud data centers;
  • Built-in HA/DR functionalities: DR environment can be instantly set up without affecting Production environment;
  • Established Microsoft Premier and professional SAP Basis support;
  • Hypercare – high-level availability of support resources during the after-migration period;
  • 24/7/365 support and maintenance of Azure Cloud infrastructure, with the contract signed for at least 1 year of support.

During the initial PoC project, Infopulse conducted an assessment of existing SAP environments, developed the pilot architecture of SAP in Microsoft Azure, prepared SAP QAS and PROD environments using different Oracle and SAP HANA DB management systems, tested Azure workloads and presented the results to the customer. Upon getting the approval of PoC results from the customer, we could proceed with the full-scale implementation:

  • Designed SAP ERP architecture within Azure infrastructure;
  • Assured conditions for migration from Oracle DB to SAP HANA;
  • Integrated backup and Disaster Recovery solutions.

Since all components of the solution were created and configured from the very ground up, data migration could only be conducted manually. At the same time, we could automate some of the tasks with heterogeneous copying of SAP systems.


  • Azure Compute, Storage, Networking
  • Azure Backup, ASR
  • Azure Security & Management
  • Windows Server, Linux SUSE Enterprise Server
  • SAP HANA, SAP Basis

Business Value

Infopulse is one of the few companies on the Ukrainian market with the relevant expertise to implement the transition of SAP to Azure, and the first one in Ukraine to actually implement such transformation for a large enterprise. Microsoft Ukraine was instrumental in helping Infopulse win Darnitsa as a customer and greatly assisted in conducting this and other cloud migration project for the pharma giant. 100% of SAP infrastructure transition was finalized as of May 2019, with immediate proven results:

  • 60% fewer storage costs;
  • 50% TCO cost savings with MS Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit;
  • Hardware cost savings on hyper-scale cloud infrastructure;
  • Up to 30% performance boost;
  • 300 end-users (executives & decision makers) affected;
  • Faster provisioning – minutes instead of days and improved time-to-market for new requirements;
  • High levels of SAP automation allows to focus on strategic tasks;
  • SAP systems can scale up/out/ down depending on workload;
  • Cloud consumption can be tuned and switched off for inefficient resources; Dev/Test/QA can be ‘parked’ to minimize computing costs;
  • Enhanced security and enterprise GDPR compliance with state-of-the-art cloud architecture.

Infopulse and Darnitsa continue working together and already plan the migration of a number of other systems, while further developing SAP infrastructure within the Azure cloud.

Besides, in June 2019, Infopulse’s efforts in delivering excellent cloud solutions and success in provisioning SAP on Azure service were recognized with a prestigious ‘Microsoft Country Partner of the Year’ award.

Customer Quote

Keeping in line with our long-standing traditions of providing efficient medicinal solutions to improve quality of life, Darnitsa continues investing in digital transformation and new technologies. Our partners at Infopulse were instrumental in helping us with our latest cloud migration project. Fast, reliable, and cost-effective, migration of our SAP systems to Microsoft Azure has already demonstrated immediate results, improving and speeding up our internal processes on numerous levels. This is a substantial investment into Darnitsa’s business scalability, critical for our business and ability to provide the best-in-class medicinal services to our customers. With SAP systems on the Microsoft cloud platform, Darnitsa will be able to double its effort, as we focus on our mission to extend the longevity of the nation.– Andrey Romanenko, CIO at PrJSC Pharmaceutical Firm “Darnitsa”

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