Increase Quality and Productivity with DevOps Services

Focused on the customer’s business strategy and success, DevOps as a service increases overall efficiency by accelerating solution delivery, improving quality, and delivering services at the speed of business.

Check out how we implemented this for one of our customers.

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In these series of four videos, you will learn about the advantages of using DevOps practices with Azure and the Visual Studio Team Services toolset on an example of a real Infopulse project for the Ireland state agency for qualification and quality assurance.

Explore how we:

  • Improved the customer’s IT infrastructure
  • Saved the company's resources by automating development, testing, and deployment processes
  • Sped up time-to-market from days to hours

Enhancing Software Development with DevOps Services

Infopulse offers our customers a completely new qualitative approach to delivering services.

Cloud DevOps

By combining DevOps methodologies with the cloud technologies, we offer premium cloud solutions and services. Cloud-based DevOps Services enable us to achieve a greatly improved latency of software development while taking the most from the cloud transformative technologies.

Security DevOps (DevSecOps)

Security DevOps (DevSecOps) approach ensures efficient and secure software delivery within DevOps model. By integrating application security with DevOps Service, we can achieve high results at application development and secure your software by adopting application security self-testing, self-diagnosing, and self-protection technologies.

Automated Quality Assurance (DevQAOps)

DevOps transforms regular software testing by making it a completely automated acceptance process, minimizing risks and costs and accelerating software development. By adopting DevQAOps and Continuous Testing, we can initiate a new release installation and verification simultaneously in a few clicks.

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