Business and Education Are Uniting

Today Infopulse, the leading Ukrainian company in the field of software development and the National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, biggest and most powerful technical university, have signed long-term agreement of strategic partnership in sphere of high-tech industry.

This agreement is an outstanding example of union between business and education with the purpose to increase Ukrainian potential in software development industry.

According to this Agreement Infopulse and KPI plan to join their forces in scientific and technical researches as well as in implementation of the achievements of science for commercial and industrial purposes. Common projects for domestic and international markets are planned by the parties.

This agreement is a practical step in the direction of government policy realization, which is oriented on renovation of hi-tech industry and education and, also to development of innovation model of growth for Ukraine.

General Director of Infopulse Alexey Sigov has admitted that significant changes and progress in the education of world-class technical specialists are to be expected in the nearest time.

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