EDB ErgoGroup Will Increase its Holding of Shares at Infopulse Ukraine Up to 100%

EDB ErgoGroup ASA, one of the biggest IT business groups in Norway, has announced about their intention to increase its holding of shares at Infopulse up to 100%. Infopulse Ukraine Board of Directors views this step very positively, taking into consideration professional and career development of the employees as well. Company’s specialists will get more opportunities to take part in interesting and innovative projects within the global deliveries of EDB ErgoGroup, which means that Infopulse will acquire more advantages as an employer.

Such a decision was made due to considerable growth of Infopulse both in profit earning and in the quantity of strategically important customers and projects completed on western market, which is a priority-oriented one for EDB ErgoGroup. As the steadiness of good performance is conditioned by the effective management of the company, EDB ErgoGroup is planning to sign an agreement with company’s key managers according to which they will continue managing the Ukrainian company further on.

The strategic priorities of the company are not going to change. Western market of all others will serve as the development field for Infopulse. The local market development will proceed, as it used to, following the pattern of considering single opportunities for cooperation.

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We are truly honoured to receive such high appreciation of our work from our Norwegian partners and accept their proposition to strengthen the partnership between the companies. We believe that these changes will be extremely favourable for our sales as well as for our competencies development
  Andrei Anissimov
Infopulse Managing Director

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