First Certificate of Scrum Practitioner Level Received in CIS

Infopulse Ukraine employee became the first Certified Scrum Practitioner in former USSR.

The Certified Scrum Practitioner — is the first step for obtaining the Certified Scrum Coacher or Certified Scrum Trainer.

Scrum — is one of Agile-based technologies. If used in appropriate way, can give huge advantage for the company practicing it. Scrum — is about managing resources in highly ambiguity projects. It is widely used in Infopulse. Our specialist are ready to share their experience and best practices in this field.

Scrum — is project management methodology. It is an approach of work organization, where human factor and interpersonal relations are taken into account. Implementation of Scrum technology gives an opportunity to reduce the time needed for development and to change the project tasks in the process of development.

Among the panelists of the conference, Infopulse delegates will share their experience in utilization of Agile technologies in their daily work.

Our certified team-members are Infopulse Ukraine competitive advantage. Every certified employee acknowledges his professional level and improves companies image. Becouse Infopulse provides its customers with software development and testing services, IT-administration and IT-consulting.

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