Infopulse Applied for Cyber Security Leader Award

Attacks on infrastructure and data privacy, the rise of ransomware and digital fraud, the devastating impact of cyberattacks all around the globe make doing business in the Digital Age a true challenge. Being at the leading edge of the rapid expansion of technology, Infopulse does its best to contribute into addressing world’s cybersecurity challenges.

Moreover, we compete to be the best in the field. This time, by participating in the professional event – Cybersecurity Leader Award 2019 held on June 04, 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany. This venue for sharing ideas and expertise, getting insights and learning from world cybersecurity experts is an opportunity for us to show what Infopulse has attained recently.

Cybersecurity Leader Award (CLA) is the competition for excellence in information security organized within the framework of Information Security World (ISW). Information security is becoming a challenge for any organization in the context of digital transformation and the development of new technologies. The Internet of Things with billions of connected devices on a global scale is a threshold of transiting into a new wave of technological and social evolution.

CLA, an annual Cybersecurity Competition, Conference and Exhibition, provides equal opportunities for businesses of any size to step out with their implemented projects, initiatives or strategies in the field of information security.

In response to present cybersecurity threats, at this event, Infopulse will present its cutting-edge automated solution, Standards Compliance Manager (SCM) – an integrated platform to manage governance, compliances, and security risks from one center.

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