Infopulse Confirms the Compliance with the ISO 14 001 Standard

ISO 14001 is an international standard, that presents requirements for the efficient and effective system of ecological management.

At Infopulse, this system is successfully functioning and being developed because it has been initially implemented on a company-wide basis.

  • The self-motivated staff, who work for the company, have a genuine desire to take care of the environment.
  • Infopulse has used the best ISO 14 001 practices and standards (‘Green Office project’) to build a system of eco-management.
  • The company top management strongly supported the system’s elaboration and implementation at the initial stage. Moreover, they constantly favor the introduction of the employees’ innovative ideas and company’s objectives in the field of ecology.
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Many thanks to all of the participants, who recently presented the company when it was audited. We want to express special gratitude to all our colleagues, both caring and responsible, thanks to whom the environmental management system really functions and improves.
Olga Konovalova
Infopulse Head of Quality and Security Department

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