Infopulse Creates Educational Game for Kids

Following the successful release of “True or False Quiz” (more than 2 million of downloads on both Android and iOS, as well as the 1st rank in 5 countries), Infopulse creates a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android-based devices “True or false for kids” in English, Russian, and German languages.

Educating Kids

The new mobile game “True or false for kids” contains lots of interesting questions about cartoons, fairy-tales, animals, geography and everyday life. The player agrees or disagrees with the statement meanwhile exploring funny, curious and amazing facts, training logical thinking and memory throughout the game.

This educational app is suitable for all ages, and can be played by whole family or parents can let kids play alone. Probably sometimes kids can answer even faster than adults whether it is true that:

“Winnie-the-Pooh adores milk”, or “Cinderella was rescued by a fireman”.

Infopulse Creates Educational Game for Kids - Infopulse - 454161

Infopulse Creates Educational Game for Kids - Infopulse - 902026

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Our intention was to make the educational game which will combine visually clean design with intuitive navigation to help kids discover the world around and systemize the knowledge they already have. We’ll continue to develop the game and include more questions related to sports and culture.
  “True or False for kids” Project Team

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