Infopulse Provided Penetration Testing for ING Bank Ukraine

Infopulse is happy to announce that the company has successfully carried out penetration testing of the information systems for ING Bank Ukraine.

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Nowadays the majority of processes in bank sphere are computerized, and information system security level is an important indicator of the reliability of a financial establishment. Paying particular attention to the protection of our clients’ and partners’ confidential information, ING Bank Ukraine regularly conducts security audits and chooses contractors carefully.Infopulse Ukraine provided the security risks evaluation and presented the detailed recommendations on the improvement of our information systems’ security level
 Alexandr Matsera
Senior Officer of the Informational and Operational Risk Management Department

Infopulse presented to ING Bank Ukraine a complex project, which included the analysis of the information from public resources and controlled IT systems hacking. The project involved certified specialists on information security and ethical hacking from Infopulse and our partner-company SPAN, India.

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The specificity of working in bank sphere implies certain conditions to conducting the audit of information systems’ vulnerabilities: tests can be carried out only during the non-working hours and any attack has to be controlled to avoid the breaking off of the bank’s systems. This project was difficult in coordination, but this was not the first security audit for ING Bank Ukraine, and thus our client’s clear requirements and effective joint planning helped us to perform the work on tight schedule
 Glib Pakharenko
Infopulse Security Expert

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