Infopulse releases Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8

Infopulse announced the release of Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8, its solution for application packaging and testing automation.

What is Application Packaging Self-Service?

Application Packaging Self-Service (APS) is an innovative cloud solution that provides smart application packaging, testing and documentation and is increasing the efficiency of existing packaging teams.

With APS, you do not need to take care of computing facilities, infrastructure, storage, tool set and extended knowledge of packaging technology/process . Instead, you get everything you need through a web interface, accessible from any device wherever you are.

Complete automation, batch processing with nearly no user interaction

Free up lots of human time from being spent for packaging! Upload a bulk of source software installations at once and get them all packaged just being notified by email in case your decision or other interaction is required for some application.

Centralized control and management

Control the progress, manage packaging projects and applications via web dashboard, even connect to virtual OS to manually install apps, everything just in the web.

Benefits of MSI Generator, App-V Generator and Docu Generator are all here

APS automatically produces installation and configuration documentation and MSI Generator project to enable you easily amend your packages later.

APS can be deployed privately

APS can be deployed as a standalone solution in your enterprise environment and even integrated with an existing ticketing and deployment systems.

What is new in Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8?

User can upload application packages for automated installation testing for Windows platforms (Windows XP, Windows 7, Widows 8, 2008 Server, 2012 Server). User can test installed application manuually through VNC session or select fully automated application testing option as well.

Smart Update service delivers update packages for the 100+ common software products. Most of the commonly used applications are being updated by vendors several times a year. Infopulse monitors new versions of these apps and packages them according to best practice standards and controlled desktop environment demands.

New Features:

  • Automated testing of application installation packages
  • Testing modes and options
  • Support of prerequisite installations for testing
  • Platforms Windows 8/ Win Server 2012 are supported
  • Smart Update package Download form
  • Downloaded Smart Update package list


Application Packaging Self-Service 2.8 is available now, and may be accessed at the  website.

About Infopulse

Infopulse is a trusted European provider of Information Technology and BPO services with several delivery centers in Ukraine and a subsidiary in Germany.

Infopulse’s core competencies include

  • Software Engineering and Consulting
  • Application Packaging and Virtualization
  • IT and Network Operations
  • Business Process Outsourcing

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