Infopulse Shares its Java EE Expertise

BIONIC University held a presentation of final projects of Java EE students (Tech Skills), supervised by Infopulse experts, on February 26. The company representatives were also members of the examination board on the day the works were being defended.

Infopulse Shares its Java EE Expertise - Infopulse - 112907

During their training, the participants had to develop applications for automated purchase of air tickets. The Infopulse Ukraine experts evaluated technical solutions presented by the trainees.

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Despite the fact, that the whole group had got the same task, the students were able to express their individuality – each project had its zest. I was pleasantly surprised to see the participants use even those technologies that were not in the curriculum.
 Infopulse expert
group trainer, Java EE at BIONIC University

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