Infopulse Ukraine and AIDOSS: from Competition to Partnership

Infopulse Ukraine and AIDOSS are about to start cooperating in the areas of administration and technical training in order to improve their competitiveness on the Ukrainian IT-market. Infopulse specialists are ready to share their experience in the sphere of agile programming, effective teambuilding techniques and open platform development.

On the other hand AIDOSS is a long-standing figure in Germany’s IT-market having great marketing experience. Germany has always been in the Infopulse’s focus of interests. Numerous German costumers in Infopulse’s portfolio demonstrate that. With AIDOSS GmbH being present in Germany Infopulse receives a fast and more direct link to existing and new customers in this country, Austria and Switzerland.

Infopulse Ukraine and AIDOSS are convinced that their useful synergy will help increase market share and provide customers a broader range of services.

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