Infopulse Ukraine Develops Norway’s Most Popular iPhone Mobile Banking Solution

SpareBank 1 (Norway) has recently released MobilBank App, an iPhone mobile banking solution. The MobilBank App software is designed for checking statements of multiple bank accounts, viewing lists of most recent operations, performing payments and blocking cards. The application also provides for the possibility to make emergency calls to the bank’s support service and a subsidiary insurance company.

MobilBank App was rated Norway’s number one product in AppStore, with 12 857 downloads over a period from May, 11 to June, 9, 2010.

The MobileBank App application was developed by two software developers of Infopulse Ukraine. The product’s overall development, testing and assessment by the AppStore specialists took 3.5 months. One of the most important requirements set by the customer was to ensure a high level of personal data and communication channels security. Since iPhone OS is a Unix-based closed system, the probability of virus attacks is currently quite low. It is various thefts of iPhone backup data from PCs running Windows that represent the biggest security threat, which is why we have additionally encrypted all critical data associated with the application itself. The product works with the bank’s server through a proxy server using an encrypted channel.

At the moment, the customer is considering the next step of adjusting the MobilBank App solution’s compatibility with iPad.

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