Infopulse Ukraine Improves IT Security by Means of RMS

For Infopulse, the leading Ukrainian nearshore software development company and IT services provider, a high level of information security and transparency of business processes are some of the core competitive advantages. Specialists from Infopulse have implemented the “Rights Management Services” (RMS) in order to improve information security management system, particularly to enhance information security level in the company and to use additional tools that prevent information leak.

RMS provides the trusted objects with certificates, authorizes access to protected information, determines and publishes rights and use environment as well as provides the necessary functions of administration and audit. RMS allows controlling such actions as view, edit, save, export (save as), print, extract (copy/paste), print screen, forward, reply, reply to all, allow macros, view rights, edit rights, full control in different Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, InfoPath).

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The platform was implemented in the course of 2 months. Thanks to RMS implementation we have achieved round-the-clock protection of confidential information, even if information is transferred by means of a portable USB drive, a hand-held device, FTP protocol or screenshot. RMS is very user-friendly —any employee can easily make use of its functionality for the sake of information protection
Gleb Pakharenko
Security Manager of Infopulse Ukraine

“For example, I don’t want my email to be forwarded without notifying me or to be spread among both required and not required process participants. RMS is just the right thing to secure yourself from such a surprise”, Gleb Pakharenko, comments on the results of the platform implementation.

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