Infopulse Ukraine Introduces MS SharePoint Based Corporate Portal for Index Bank

The new portal is introduced in order to solidify the corporate unity within all bank branches, stabilize vertical and horizontal communications among employees, provide smoother work of the corporate training programs and meet high security requirements commonly accepted in banking.

The portal was developed, implemented and stabilized over the period of 4 months. It has been integrated with MS Active Directory and the bank’s ERP system.

The bank’s new corporate portal will now function as an extended address book. Each of 2 400 total users can now easily access photos, names, positions and contacts of their colleagues in all bank’s branches. The transparency of the bank’s inner structure now allows to significantly speed up many organizational issues.

The Competentum solution, developed by the leading supplier of e-Learning business and education software, has been integrated into the corporate portal to assist Index Bank’s newcomers in adaptation and learning processes. Competentum, a flexible and reliable distant learning system, has acquired an excellent reputation among banks and insurance companies in Russia and North America.

The new portal has provided the personnel with a single area for corporate news and announcements. Meanwhile, the portal’s personal blogs and forum, as well as a number of community areas with the possibility to add photos and videos can be used to help employees exchange valuable management experience. Importantly, each employee can now ask a question directly to the bank’s top management members, while both questions and answers can either remain confidential or be openly published on the corporate portal. All of the above is intended to boost the bank’s team morale and raise employee’s awareness and involvement in the company’s internal processes.

Infopulse Ukraine has completed the stage of the portal implementation and is currently providing the corresponding technical support.

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