Infopulse Ukraine Sponsoring Student Programming Contest

The first round of all-Ukrainian Student Programming Contest has been held in the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University. Being committed to support of young specialists, Infopulse Ukraine has sponsored the event and attended to the proceedings.

Programming of International Calibre

The competition was organized by the Institute of Innovation Technologies and Education Content of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine supported by Infopulse Ukraine. The main purpose of the round, in which 37 teams from 6 regional educational establishments took part, was to form and prepare the teams for the international student programming competition Association for Computing Machinery — International Collegiate Programming Contest. Papers were automatically checked by remote server, which guaranteed absolute objectivity of their assessment. According to the results of the round, the teams from the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University took the first two places and two teams from the Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University and one team from the East Ukraine Volodymyr Dahl National University ranked third. The winners will have to participate in the next rounds of the contest. “We will support our compatriots”, says Sergey Paleyev, the regional spokesperson of Infopulse Ukraine in Luhansk. “Thus, I am willing to believe that if they manage to win in the final round of the contest, they will be reluctant to leave their native land and are sure to become our employees”.

There are five rounds in the contest. The first one is held on the regional level. According to the terms of the competition, 3 people make up participating teams. Acceptable programming languages are С++, Java, Pasсal. It is forbidden to make use of additional information. The second round of the contest takes place in 5 geographical regions of Ukraine. The third one is all-Ukrainian competition, the fourth round is among the teams of South-Eastern European countries; the fifth round, the last one, is the final of the international contest. Starting from the second round, all the tasks are only in English.

Infopulse in Luhansk: Spot Coverage of the News

Support of education and participation in personnel training for IT industry is thought in the Luhansk office of the company to be one of the most effective ways of holding up and developing the sector. Mr Paleyev emphasizes: “We are constantly expanding and are in need of new people. We are trying to create that sort of conditions for the specialists so that they will be willing to stay and reluctant to look for a job somewhere away from their native land. We are ready to completely provide them with an interesting, promising and well-paid job as the number of our customers is only growing and consequently, our team will be expanding”.

The Luhansk office of the company is a strategically important direction of Infopulse Ukraine development. By mostly using such programming languages as C# and C++, 27 employees, currently working in the Luhansk branch founded by AIDOSS in 2006, are preparing solutions for operating systems Windows and Linux.

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IT industry is the field, in which one may work from any place. I am sure it may and it should be developed not only in capital cities. By creating decent working conditions in Luhansk, we believe in prospects of this business there, and we will do our best to further develop it
  Sergey Paleyev
the Head of Infopulse Luhansk office

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