Infopulse Ukraine Teaches Java

Infopulse Ukraine Training Center keeps providing education programs aimed at the professional development of its employees and at augmenting the pool of potential staff members.

During June-September 2011 the Training Center offered the second Junior Java specialists training program. This program was conducted in two groups:

  • The first group consisted of the company‚Äôs employees who were interested in professional development
  • The second group consisted of senior students and newbie developers who decided to commit themselves to Java. The members of this group were selected out of 25 candidates on a competitive basis.

To teach Java, Infopulse Ukraine Training Center invited both experienced trainers and real Java practicioners. The education program consisted of the following parts:

1. Java Programming

2. Advanced Java

The participants of the program had a chance to practice the Java skills gained during the classes while working on individual practical assignments. Following the results of these assignments, Infopulse Ukraine invited six students to join the company team.

The Training Center is planning to conduct similar education programs not only in Kiev office, but in regional offices as well. At the moment the training programs for newbie .Net specialists and Junior Java trainees are conducted in Zhytomyr and Vinitsia.

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