Infopulse Ukraine Traditionally Sponsors the All-Ukrainian Programming Contest

The All-Ukrainian Programming Contest has three stages. The first stage took place on 21 April. Every team was given individual data (login and password) to enter the system and also the tasks to be solved in five hours. Both speed and quality were taken into account. The participants could use such programming languages as C++, Java and Pascal. The results were checked automatically by a remote server, which guaranteed the impartiality of evaluation.

The teams of Dahl University won Round I of the Contest: first place – EUNU_VNUki Dalya team; second place was shared by teams ENU_NETWORK and ENU_Inform and third place was awarded to three teams – STI, ENU_Inform1 and ENU_3D.

The winners are waiting for the second round of the competition – the regional one. It will be taking place in September 2012 in five geographical districts of Ukraine: Kyiv, Central, Eastern, Southern and Western.

Infopulse contributes into the development and preparation of new IT-specialists. The company closely cooperates with technical colleges and leading Ukrainian institutions of higher education. Infopulse helps educational institutions to equip computer laboratories, provides career-guidance for the university graduates, gives an opportunity to the talented students to obtain practical experience in the company and sponsors different events for students: competitions in programming, trainings and discussion clubs. Also, the company team share their experience with new IT staff at annual conferences for students.

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To strengthen cooperation according to the agreement set with the Dahl University, an expert group consisting of four most experienced development graduates was created there. The project has not yet celebrated its third month, and the students are already considered to be potential employees of the company. The Infopulse Training Centre in Luhansk continues providing trainings to students in the areas that are of top priority in the Luhansk regional office: Software Packaging, JAVA, testing
 Sergei Palieev
The Head of Infopulse Luhansk Office

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