Infopulse Ukraine Welcomes Guests from Norway

On 26 March 2012, Infopulse welcomed guests from Norway. Norwegians frequenly visit us – we often receive Scandinavian customers and colleagues from EVRY, our Scandinavian mother company. But this time, Infopulse welcomed special guests – students of the Nansen Academy, Lillehammer, Norway.

The Nansen Academy

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Infopulse receives the Nansen Academy students for the second time. The Idea – Culture – Society Programme studies the humanities and anthropology, and a large part of its curriculum is traditionally devoted to the Russian culture. It is Kyiv – the cradle of Rus and homeland of many famous people whose works are studied in the Academy – that Norwegian students came to explore. At the initiative of Anatoliy Kyrylyuk, an employee of Infopulse and the Nansen Academy alumni, the students were also invited to visit the company where Norwegian and Ukrainian cultures are closely intertwined.

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I believe that it is good of Infopulse to maintain relations with and raise awareness of the general public without limiting its business to projects and new contracts as it is the general public that buys our products and services in the long run. This openness and direct dialogue with the society bring our company to an absolutely new and top-quality level of business. It was also nice to hear in response that our guests felt at Infopulse like home
Anatoliy Kyrylyuk
ITOS Department

Kyiv in the eyes of Norwegians

During the three days of their stay in Kyiv, the Nansenians managed to visit the Museum of History, the Museum of Chornobyl, the Museum of Holodomor, a modern art exhibition, a classic ballet and a puppet theatre performance. Walking along the streets, the students gained a better knowledge of Ukrainians, our traditions and mentality, about which they could only judge from books and media before. They noted our openness and amiability.

Welcome to Infopulse Ukraine

Infopulse Ukraine Welcomes Guests from Norway - Infopulse - 446531The students reserved the last day of their visit for Infopulse. Our employees prepared a number of presentations about Ukraine and the Company’s cooperation with Norway. In the main of part of her presentation, Lyubov Yudenko, HR Director, told some interesting facts about Ukraine and explained how the company exercises its business and cooperates with its Norwegian partners. Anatoliy Kyrylyuk completed the presentation with fascinating examples and, just as last year, surprised the guests by listing Norwegian customers of Infopulse.

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During the presentation, our guests asked many interesting questions, but unfortunately the time for answers was very limited. Nonetheless, we hope that the presented facts about Ukraine were useful and interesting to the guests as it is our reception that will be the last impression about Kyiv and our country
 Lyubov Yudenko
Infopulse HR Director

And at a traditional Ukrainian dinner after the official part, our guests could share their impressions about the seen and heard.

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We had three big days in Kyiv. We were staying in the very heart of the city! Anatoliy Kyrylyuk prepared a wonderful programme that helped us experience that Kyiv is a dynamic modern capital and at the same time with its monuments and museums it shows the dramatic history of Ukraine. The visit to Infopulse on the last day logically concluded our stay in Kyiv, and we hope that such visits will become a tradition for us
 Helene Strand Johansen
the Russian Language and Literature teacher at the Nansen Academy

Inspired by the beauty of the Ukrainian capital and warm welcome, the Nansen Academy students promised to come again next year. And in August, the administrative seminar for the whole faculty of the Academy was decided to be held in Kyiv.

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