Infopulse’s 2009 Fluctuation of Personnel Is 10%

International group EDB Business Partner ASA, which includes Infopulse Ukraine, has recently completed the Global Employee Survey, a research of the personnel potential. The document positively marks Infopulse’s efficient steps aimed at improving the internal communications and supports the idea by the general indicator of the company’s personnel fluctuation of 9.2%.

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Despite the fact that the overall personnel rotation in Ukrainian IT companies quite often exceeds the mark of 20%, we can clearly see that those professionals, who have joined Infopulse Ukraine, tend to stay with us for a longer time
  Lyubov Yudenko
Infopulse’s HR Director

According to the official financial reports that we provide to our investors and customers, the fluctuation of the company’s personnel in 2009 was as low as 9.2%:

  • 4,5% — employees who resigned of their own accord;

  • 3,8% — employees who were dismissed for certain reasons;

  • 0,9% — employees whom we didn’t manage to retain in our company.

Another distinguishing characteristic of Infopulse is that we always try to maintain positive relationships with the employees who have chosen to leave us. We gladly take back those who wish to return after having found out about new professional opportunities in the company. For example, over a period of 2008-2009, 12 former employees returned to work in Infopulse.

Our 2010 plans feature more focus on improving the working conditions and the company’s image as an employer. Apart from that, we are planning to work on improvements of the personnel development and evaluation processes.

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