Infopulse and BIONIC Hill Innovation Park Sign a Partner Memorandum of Cooperation

Infopulse, a non-governmental organization Wikipedia Ukraine, and Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine entered into a partner agreement on cooperation and understanding with BIONIC Hill Innovation Park. The execution of the document took place in the Cabinet of Ukraine in the presence of the Head of the State Agency on Innovation and Infromatization, Vladimir Seminozhenko.

Infopulse and BIONIC Hill Innovation Park Sign a Partner Memorandum of Cooperation - Infopulse - 882127

According to the memorandum the initial aim of the parties is to create a close cooperation in order to implement a joint educational project in the IT sphere. In the frame of this project multiple innovation programs will be conducted, designed to train high-rank IT professionals and raise awareness of the IT field’s real needs.

BIONIC Hill is a unique group which creates the most positive environment for efficient business conduct and development in the sphere of high technologies. Key specializations of the innovation park are information and communication technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceutics, energy efficiency and saving.

The first business-tailored IT university in Ukraine

One more important event took place on September 27, 2013. The first business-to-business IT university in Ukraine, BIONIC University, was officially opened. This was done upon an initiative of BIONIC Hill.

The following authorities took part in this event: the Vice Prime-Minister, Konstantin Grishchenko, the Head of the State Agency on Infromatization and Science, Vladimir Seminozhenko, the Head of the Kiev state administration, Aleksandr Popov, the team of the innovation park BIONIC Hill, the delegation of representatives of well-known educational institutions, high-technology and consulting companies.

Just reminding that Infopulse has worked at ground zero of this project. The company is not only a potential employer for the graduates of BIONIC University, but it is also taking an active part in the process of teaching students.

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