IT-tinget. Exciting Event Ahead!

This Fall Infopulse Ukraine is going to participate in IT-tinget together with EDB ErgoGroup. IT-tinget is the largest annual conference in Norway for the IT industry, and 2011 will be its 28th successive year. This year’s IT-tinget will be held in Tønsberg on 21-22 September.

For many people in the IT industry this is the largest professional event of the year, and every year the conference attracts several hundred participants from both the private and public sectors. This year’s conference offers a total of 36 international and Norwegian speakers, covering a wide range of areas. Through a variety of presentations and panel debates, the speakers will give participants insight into areas such as strategy and management, technology and trends, consumer-driven IT strategy, cloud computing, innovation and the public sector and mobility. A new feature this year is the IT-tinget hill running event

28th year in succession for the largest IT conference in Norway

IT-tinget is the largest annual IT conference in Norway. This year’s conference will be the 28th, and many people in the IT business see this as the IT event of the year in Norway. Over the course of two days in Tønsberg on 21-22 September, the conference will offer a large number of presentations, debates and technical updates, covering a wide range of themes and specialities.

Recognising global trends

The theme running throughout this year’s conference is ‘Get Ready’, with particular emphasis on anticipating global trends such as cloud computing, new collaboration solutions, and mobility. A particularly relevant topic this year will be ‘Bring your own technology’, which looks at the challenges that arise when people adopt new technology much more quickly than their employers do. According to the IT research company Gartner, this phenomenon, known as ‘consumerisation’, will be one of the most important IT challenges in the years ahead.

Speakers at IT-tinget 2011

This year’s IT-tinget will welcome a number of highly renowned Norwegian and international IT managers and experts. The following are some examples of the speakers who will take part in this year’s conference: In addition to Steve Wozniak, the conference will welcome Adam S. Ikdal, Managing Partner of the Boston Consulting Group’s Oslo office, who will present the most important trends that will determine the path of the IT industry towards 2015. Sven Langerak, Director, IT Operations & Solutions, Norway Post, will share his experiences from implementing and managing a cloud-based solution for customer service that is closely integrated with the group’s other IT solutions. Attorney Ståle L. Hagen, a partner in the in the SIMONSEN law firm, will address some of the legal issues associated with cloud computing. Other exciting speakers include Chris Rae, Vice President Cloud Solutions at CA Technologies, Jens Ulltveit-Moe, founder and CEO of UMOE, and Cornelia M. Ruland, Director, Centre for Shared Decision Making and Nursing Research, Oslo University Hospital.

Co-founder of Apple among IT-tinget speakers

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and one of the world’s major IT personalities, is visiting Norway at the end of September to participate in IT-tinget, the largest annual IT conference in Norway. Steve Wozniak’s visit to Norway offers a rare opportunity to meet the man that many people see as the ‘father’ of the personal computer.

“Steve Wozniak’s presentation will offer a unique opportunity to learn something of the thought processes that paved the way for Apple’s enormous and worldwide success. I am very much looking forward to meeting Steve Wozniak at IT-tinget on 21-22 September, and I am delighted that he has accepted our invitation to participate. In addition to Steve Wozniak, this year’s IT-tinget will welcome a number of other highly renowned Norwegian and international IT personalities”, comments Terje Mjøs, CEO of EDB ErgoGroup.

As part of his presentation, Steve Wozniak will talk about what has made Apple the most valuable company in the world today, the secrets of its success, and what lay behind the decisions he and co-founder Steve Jobs made before and after setting up Apple in 1976. Through concepts such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple is now more successful than ever.

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