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Infopulse Included Into BIONIC University International Supervisory Board

BIONIC University (BU) is establishing the international Supervisory Board that will include leading Western and Ukrainian scientists, business people, and experts in innovations. Alexey Sigov, Infopulse President, has joined this initiative.

About the Board

BU Supervisory Board functions as an ongoing advisory body. The entity of experts promotes efficiency of the establishment and builds its international reputation.

Its aim is to create a new educational and social environment in Ukraine by attracting international expertise.

The Supervisory Board Chairperson is Viktor Kryvenko, Head of Technopolis National Project.

Project participants: Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine; Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine; Serhiy Yevtushenko, Head of State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine; Yurii Logush, President of Kyiv School of Economics; Dmytro Shymkiv, CEO of Microsoft Ukraine; Vasyl Khmelnytsky, Founder of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park; and other members.

The partner’s helping hand, international expertise and valuable advice are extremely important for us. The mission of BIONIC University is very ambitious: creation of professional elite for IT business in Ukraine. We invite leading Ukrainian and international experts to share their strategic vision. – Victor Galasyuk, President of BIONIC Hill Innovation Park

BIONIC University is changing life in Ukraine. It helps create a new generation of professionals with a modern outlook and promotes integration of the country into international community by means of education. I believe that this project will strongly contribute to developing a prosperous democratic state at this extremely important historic stage. – Marta Farion, President of Kyiv Mohyla Foundation of America

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