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Immersive Experience

Immersive technologies offer limitless opportunities to craft meaningful engagements, reimagine work, and drive value. Leverage the power of immersive experience with end-to-end AR, VR, MR, and 3D services from Infopulse.

We Help You
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Strengthen Your Expertise

Our team of consultants, software engineers, UX/UI designers, and 3D technical artists will bridge your expertise gaps and help you create a fully-fledged immersive solution from the ground up.

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Build Innovative Cross-Industry Solutions

Infopulse offers diverse immersive tech implementation scenarios across any industry. From interactive training to augmented assembly lines and patient care – we will help to bring your innovative ideas to life.

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Enhance Work, Collaboration & Learning

With immersive solutions, you can amplify the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, enable anytime/anywhere collaboration, and perform safe hands-on training in VR space.

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Create New Ways to Attract & Engage Customers

Interactive product or service guidance, creative marketing activities, and re-imagined service models driven by immersive experience can help you enhance customer engagement and ensure powerful brand differentiation.

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Optimize Costs

By utilizing immersive digital environments where employees can work and train, businesses can significantly reduce costs for traveling, renting space, or developing physical prototypes of their products.

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Address Cybersecurity Challenges

AR/VR/MR require access to the user’s identity data, which poses significant security risks. Infopulse will help you mitigate any data leaks and cyber threats by ensuring the robust protection of your apps and devices.

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Mitigate Health Risks & Liability Issues

If an immersive solution has faults, high latencies, or poor precautions, it may harm the user. We will help you choose first-class hardware and develop advanced software to ensure the ultimate safety and performance of the solution.

Service Categories


Infopulse experts familiarize you with the basics of immersive technologies and their capabilities, analyze your current business challenges, and outline processes that can be improved with immersive tech. We will also present the use cases relevant to your business domain and answer all of your questions to help you choose the most suitable solution.


We perform a full-scale assessment of your IT landscape, elicit the key business requirements, and evaluate the solution’s feasibility. Consequently, we provide a comprehensive assessment report with hardware suggestions, precise scope, budget and time estimations, and a detailed implementation roadmap for your immersive solution project.

Proof-of-Value (PoV)

PoV service is designed to help you assess the value of the immersive solution by implementing its pilot project. It involves a design thinking workshop, UX prototype development, and 3D modeling services. PoV is subdivided into multiple R&D iterations that end with a DEMO session of the developed immersive solution. Subsequent discussion sessions of the DEMO ensure a continuous feedback loop and feature improvement.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

This service involves the delivery and deployment of an MVP of the immersive solution. It will help you assess its key capabilities and potentially unlock new features during real environment and user testing. The service scope features enhanced UX prototyping, additional 3D services, iterative R&D, full-scale solution architecture design, and an integration workshop.

End-to-end Solution Development & Integration

This service involves the development of a fully-fledged immersive solution from the ground up. The scope includes additional UX/UI and 3D prototyping, extended R&D iterations, and a spectrum of value-added services:

  • Content management
  • In-depth user interaction analytics
  • Performance, scalability, and load balancing
  • Full-scale integration of the solution into your infrastructure
Support & Improvement

After the immersive solution is seamlessly integrated into your infrastructure, our experts perform ongoing monitoring and support to ensure error-free functioning and continuous improvement of its features.



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