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IoT Software Development

Enable vast opportunities for your business with smart technologies and connected devices. We develop next-gen IoT software of any scale on basis of open-source and commercial IoT platforms, solutions, and protocols.

We Help You
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Create Innovative Cross-Industry Solutions 

Infopulse offers a wide spectrum of cross-industry IoT implementation options. From smart homes and digital factories to connected vehicles or telehealth systems – we help you build cutting-edge IoT solutions from scratch.  

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Enable Efficient Asset Utilization 

With IoT-powered asset tracking you can gain full visibility into your equipment, tools, and machinery, monitor the performance of your assets, and prevent potential downtime with predictive maintenance.

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Enhance Customer Experience 

We help you leverage IoT data analytics to gain valuable insights into your products and services. By analyzing the consumers’ usage patterns, behavior, and preferences, you can ensure exceptional customer service and personalized experiences. 

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Improve Workplace Safety 

Maximize your workplace safety with custom IoT solutions that monitor high-risk environments, observe vehicle navigation, and track employee health indicators or safeguard your office premises with smart cameras and digital keys.

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Boost Business Productivity 

Our experts design high-end IoT software that can bring your business productivity to a new level by enabling remote collaboration, facilitating space management, and optimizing daily operations.  

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Reduce Costs 

With our help, you can implement IoT systems and sensors to significantly reduce maintenance costs, ensure balanced energy management, mitigate costly disruptions, and eliminate operational bottlenecks.

Our IoT Services

Covering all your essential IoT business needs
  • Architecture consulting: from simple advice to complex requirements analysis
  • Full-cycle IoT software development: from PoC and MVP to managed product and managed project
  • IoT software design and prototyping
  • Embedded systems programming: RTOS, QNX and Linux-based
  • Protocol gateway and low-level network programming: for servers and intermediary devices to collect data from transmitters
  • IoT cloud services: with a focus on Azure IoT Suite
  • IoT security: encryption protocols for smart houses, healthcare devices, etc.
  • Predictive analytics & machine learning for all IoT and AI-based systems
Key solution domains
  • Smart office: convenience and security
  • Adaptive logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Industry 4.0 & Industry 5.0
  • Healthcare: vital signs detection and monitoring
  • Smart cities and smart houses
  • Automotive: digital key, smart parking, traffic monitoring, vehicle tracking
  • Large-scale deployments covering the whole IoT ecosystem



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