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Scale and adapt your business to the future with our transformational solutions and Microsoft consulting services. Level up your efficiency and profitability via Microsoft Azure Expert MSP partner with multiple Specializations.

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Optimize Access to Workstations with Azure Virtual Desktop

Use a client of your choice to connect to desktop and existing applications through the cloud in seconds. Boost remote operations with Azure Virtual Desktop, improve workplace availability and management with multiple users on each virtual machine.

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Benefit from 360 Insights with Power BI

With comprehensive Power BI reports, your business gets a single platform for self-service and enterprise data analytics. Our dedicated specialists help you customize the solution and seamlessly connect it to multiple data sources.

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Harness the Benefits of Low-code Development

Seamlessly design and build a working prototype of your next big idea with Power Apps. Infopulse can equip you with the necessary knowledge to kick off your next project without splurging on complex tech expertise. 

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Strengthen Your Security with Real-time Proactive Protection

Protect your operations with a top-notch security solution from Microsoft. Benefit from multidimensional, embedded tools and intelligent Azure security and threat management solutions to safeguard your business and mitigate potential attacks.

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Boost Operational Excellence in No Time

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infopulse can help you reach new heights on many fronts. Whether you want to fortify your marketing, sales, or customer support, this industry-leading business solution has it all under one roof.

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Unlock SAP on Azure Power Combo

Infopulse experts can help you enhance data management practices with amplified SAP workloads by moving them to Microsoft Azure. Streamline disaster recovery, backup, and enforce security to add more agility to your business.

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Lift Up Your Team Spirit & Improve Remote Work

Deal with times of uncertainty without disrupting your team’s performance. Infopulse can help you create a solid foundation for a fully remote work mode with state-of-the-art enterprise solutions. Power up home-office setups with Microsoft Teams, a secure collaboration platform.

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Seize New Opportunities for Innovation

Hybrid cloud in Azure has so much to offer. Choose a suitable blend of deployment options: public + private cloud or multiple public clouds + private clouds to speed up your time-to-market and cut your TCO bills.

Our Services

Microsoft Azure

Whether you choose to opt for a public, private, or hybrid cloud, our team can help you design and build your cloud solution or make all the necessary architecture changes. With a comprehensive migration roadmap, we walk you through a step-by-step cloudification process, estimating expected cloud consumption volumes, potential costs, and ROIs you can expect. 

DevOps on Azure

Our experts help you deploy Azure DevOps to boost development, transforming software delivery. Nurture DevOps culture across the entire development unit, adding a competitive edge to your business through: 

  • System evaluation & implementation roadmap creation
  • Feasibility study & PoC implementation
  • Full-scale system roll-out & operational support
SAP on Azure

We help you enhance SAP workloads by migrating them to Microsoft Azure, the best-in-class cloud platform. Our end-to-end Microsoft and SAP managed services and consulting cover:  

  • SAP migration assessment & deployment to Azure
  • Architecture design of SAP landscape for Azure
  • SAP Platform transformation & ongoing support
Azure Virtual Desktop

We guide you through configuration, migration, and deployment of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) / Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to Microsoft Azure. This line of service helps with:  

  • Greenfield deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop
  • ‘As is’ migration of on-premises RDS/VDI
  • On-premises migration, transitioning to Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Security

Infopulse helps your business keep sensitive information safe whether it is apps, virtual machines, or IT infrastructure perimeter, etc. With Microsoft security solutions, we can assure data protection in the cloud or secure your data center. Azure Security Center offers greater transparency and controls over data protection across hybrid workloads in the cloud. We can equip you with modern cyber defense mechanisms, including Microsoft Sentinel (formerly Azure Sentinel), to meet even the most complex, enterprise-grade security needs.  

Microsoft Sentinel

Guard your organization with an advanced two-in-one security solution Microsoft Sentinel. Infopulse – a long-lasting partner of Microsoft with a status of Azure Expert MSP and Microsoft Threat Protection Specialization – enables a seamless performance of your Microsoft security solution at every stage:

  • Architecture design
  • Solution implementation and fine-tuning
  • Continuous support
Microsoft 365

We help you leverage Microsoft 365 to enhance your business growth. With this powerful cloud-hosted productivity toolkit, you can boost personal and business efficiency, and translate data into actionable insights.   

When choosing to adopt Microsoft 365, you enjoy the tangible benefits of streamlined collaboration tools, save on marketing activities through business process optimization and Cloud PCs with Windows 365, and prevent the majority of cyberattacks with integrated AI. 

Microsoft Teams

Elevate your team collaboration with Microsoft Teams. Our experts put this all-in-one communication and collaboration suite to work, so you can benefit from user-friendly dashboards, seamless messaging, calling, and file sharing, real-time collaboration, and automated workflows. We can help with: 

  • Migration & system design
  • Digital workplace setup & process automation
  • Pairing up Teams with Viva, employee experience system
Microsoft Viva

Infopulse can design a bespoke digital workplace solution covering your current business needs & accounting for future challenges. We are on streamlining employee collaboration and learning, benchmarking individual performance & enabling p2p sharing with Viva.  

Our team of tech experts knows how to leverage this powerful employee experience tool, helping your teams set the priorities right and focus on what is important. Depending on your requirements, we can offer a brief tool intro or go all-in with the solution implementation.


We provide expert SharePoint consulting & development services. With Infopulse, you can be sure of building reliable and scalable business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint within budget. Our services include: 

  • Data storage & management systems design
  • Migration & version upgrade
  • Integration with other Microsoft products and platforms 
Dynamics 365

Infopulse can help you discover limitless agility and reduce sales cycles with this robust solution from Microsoft. From marketing to HR, with this application suite, you will drive your operational excellence across all major horizontals and business units. We configure this intelligent business solution, boosting the performance and productivity of your team, closing more deals.

Power Platform

Along with our team, you can now build business applications easily and at a reasonable price. Our consultants help you master Power Platform in no time, so you can sail through an application development of any scale and complexity. With our services you get data-driven insights, foster intelligent automation, and code with less effort. 

Power BI

Our dedicated Data Management Competence Center is at your service. With tons of experience in the BI field, our experts know the solution inside out. We can help you with Power BI adoption and/or a smooth transition from the legacy system you have in place.  

We can help with the implementation plan & integration of all your data sources into the platform, data protection, Power BI redesign & license planning for better performance, and cost optimization. 

Power Apps

Our developers can help you create custom native, mobile, & web business applications, using the low-code development platform Power Apps. Our expertise includes app design, development, customization, as well as connecting Power BI with your current IT ecosystem.  

We can streamline your sales, accounting, financial management, and other core functions by delivering multifunctional business applications with quick time-to-market and reduced development costs.

Power Automate

Take care of the essentials and let the automation do the rest. When managing it all at once becomes a challenge, Power Automate bails out even the busiest schedules and roles. Routine and time-consuming tasks are no longer a problem with intelligent automation.  

We can show you how to define the triggers so that the system decides on the next step to take without any effort from the employee side. With Infopulse and this renowned Microsoft product, you can improve your team performance and increase productivity in no time.

Power Virtual Agents

Create powerful bots, adding an extra layer of assistance to the existing products or services. Level up the game by infusing AI-driven insights into your everyday operations. With Infopulse and custom-tailored workflows, you can redefine employee engagement, helping your workforce reach business goals faster and error-free. We can help you cut costs with near in-person experiences that boost customer satisfaction, using human-like chatbots, powered by this SaaS of Microsoft.

Microsoft Project Server

Use the market-leading portfolio management tool to control project expenses and risks. Infopulse can help you with the solution requirements, tech evaluation, and installation. We tailor Microsoft Project Server to your needs and enable integrations with the systems in place.  

Our team can assist with the version upgrade and ongoing support of Microsoft Project Server. With us, you can strengthen your project center of excellence and program management practice, enhancing project status monitoring, control, and reporting.

Microsoft System Center

Manage your IT infrastructure effortlessly either in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid scenario. From deployment to monitoring, with Microsoft System Center, you can orchestrate your IT operations with ease. Our experts help you with effective data and application management, leading to better performance and higher system reliability. We guide you through the System Center deployment, management, and support, so you can boost process efficiency via automated workflows & self-service scenarios. 

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18 years

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Azure Expert

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Microsoft Partner of the Year in Ukraine


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Microsoft certifications received by Infopulse experts


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CSP Tier 1

Partner in the EU & CEE


Co-Sell Ready Partner


Center of Excellence (Microsoft, OSS, SAP)


Azure Managed Service solutions


with complex and comprehensive international projects


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