Computer Vision Adoption Service Packages by Infopulse

Computer Vision Adoption & Acceleration

From consulting to a pilot project to R&D – Infopulse offers a set of packaged services to help you adopt Computer Vision to empower your business with intelligent automation tools

We Help You
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Get Familiar with the Technology

Infopulse helps you dive into the cognitive technology and familiarize yourself with use cases and the ways your business can blend the solutions with the existing IT infrastructure.  

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Assess the Solution Feasibility  

Infopulse helps you choose the most suitable solution for your business or tailor the existing offerings to your requirements. We elicit and analyze the needs, evaluate the environment, and perform exploratory data checks. 

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Evaluate the Chosen Solution 

We start a pilot project according to your business needs, development strategy, and existing business environment, helping you evaluate the value of applied computer vision technologies. 

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Harness the Computer Vision Benefits in Full 

Infopulse AI team helps you with software development for production, integrating it into your business infrastructure. We streamline operational processes and facilitate better support and maintenance, eliminating the need for time-consuming visual inspection. 

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Transition from Research to Engineering  

Infopulse researches and creates the data science models and algorithms your company needs. We define the hypothesis and test it further, transitioning from ideas to their implementation. We present research and development results as well as the potential use cases of the findings. 

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Prospect New Opportunities 

With forward-looking computer vision solutions, Infopulse helps businesses build a competitive edge, adopt innovation, and keep up with evolving customer demands. Our team offers robust tools to develop enduring ideas, delight existing customers, and earn the trust of new ones. 


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Service Packages

Capability Assessment
Proof of Value
AI Acceleration
Duration & service description 

1-2 weeks

Environment evaluation and project estimation

4-6 weeks

Launching a pilot project

6 weeks +

AI solution implementation

3-week R&D sprints

Custom-engineered solutions

AI consulting session 

Requirements elicitation and environment assessment 

Hardware recommendations (camera model, installations, etc.)

Project estimation 

Data analysis, AI approaches & models research and evaluation 

AI PoV development 

Software PoV development 

AI approach & model acceleration 

Solution architecture design

Service development and deployment 

System support and model enhancing 



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