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Reimagine your software delivery lifecycle and strengthen collaboration between your teams with our comprehensive set of DevOps consulting services.

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Speed Up Your Delivery Process

Infopulse can introduce DevOps with Agile and CI/CD practices to optimize your development environment and software delivery process, automate product releases and accelerate time-to-market of new features. 

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Refine Your Software Code Quality

Automation of manual processes through the entire SDLC reduces risks and possible errors. Our DevOps implementation services allow building more coherent software architecture and the higher overall quality of the software code and delivered solutions. 

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Enable Robust Disaster Recovery Strategy 

With an effectively built disaster recovery strategy and applied DevOps practices, you reduce the time needed to restore services and applications after the incident, ensuring business continuity with minimum downtimes from any disruptions.

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Improve Transparency and Productivity 

Our DevOps methodology helps streamline involved teams’ productivity and the whole working process, making it transparent and understandable for the customer, team members, and project stakeholders.  

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Enhance Collaboration and Coordination 

Infopulse DevOps consultants help you foster effective interaction and shared responsibility between distributed teams (dev, IT operations, QA), managers, and business representatives with simplified approval and coordination stages.

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Facilitate Management and Control 

By integrating DevOps practices with other cloud or data management tools, we facilitate management tasks, such as overseeing the roles of each member involved, the current state of the project, and the overall progress. 

Our DevOps Services

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Implementing an IaC solution can help you facilitate the management of your dynamic infrastructure both on-premises or in the cloud while reducing configuration drift and accelerating new changes deployment. With the Infrastructure as Code approach in place, you are able to automate the provisioning of the entire infrastructure, improve its consistency, and decrease errors. 

  • Consulting on the IaC tools and helping to choose those that fit your business needs
  • Infrastructure as Code implementation
  • Post-implementation IaC solution maintenance and support
Configuration Management

Automation of a manual configuration process with DevOps tools entails better consistency and agility of your systems and software. With our professional DevOps services, you get a more unified and standardized configuration for multiple environments with lower risks of system outage and data leakage with faster issues resolution.  


By implementing CI/CD pipelines for software projects, we help our customers automate their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), provide a higher quality of build versions, speed up product releases, and decrease development and support costs.

  • Analysis of existing CI/CD pipelines
  • Building a roadmap for CI/CD adoption
  • Implementation of zero-downtime deployment strategies
  • Implementation of various CI/CD scenarios
  • Advanced delivery with GitOps approach
Container Orchestration

Upon adopting container orchestration, you can move faster from application development to the production stage. With tools such as Kubernetes, it becomes easier to automate development, QA, and operations teams, implement the IaC approach, and improve infrastructure scalability and flexibility.

  • Implementing a solution utilizing Kubernetes or any alternative container orchestration platform
  • Enabling Service Discovery to simplify containerized app communication
  • Introducing Service Mesh to make communication between services more flexible and secure
Serverless Solutions

If you are looking to automate operational tasks, going serverless will allow delegating provisioning, maintenance, and overall infrastructure management to a cloud provider. Coupled with DevOps, serverless architecture results in decreased operational overhead, reduced time for infrastructure management, better scalability with auto-scaling, and high availability.

Immutable Infrastructure

Immutable infrastructure is a new paradigm, suggesting that servers or VMs can never be modified once deployed. To introduce updates, fixes, or any other changes, you should create new servers or VMs from the common image. We can establish immutable infrastructure for you to benefit from versioned, automated, and more predictable software deployments, simpler autoscaling and rollback to older versions, and speedier provisioning in the cloud.  

Hybrid Solutions

Achieve a higher level of processes automation with our DevOps services when adopting hybrid infrastructure. With hybrid solutions, you keep control over your IT infrastructure, take advantage of improved scalability and flexibility, higher cost savings, and enhanced security.  

We help enable the following hybrid cloud models:  

  • Integrating public cloud(s) with on-premises solution(s)
  • Building modern cloud-agnostic solution

By utilizing DevSecOps methodology, we can help you incorporate security practices into every stage of SDLC. When running static and dynamic tests coupled with automation, we apply a comprehensive proactive approach to detecting and resolving issues or vulnerabilities early. As a result, you can save time and costs on troubleshooting errors and deliver reliable and secure products to your customers.

DevOps Consulting

Infopulse DevOps consultants conduct an assessment of the existing systems, infrastructure, and security to find possible gaps and ensure your readiness for DevOps practices implementation. Our team helps you choose the most optimal DevOps toolset and cloud deployment model, allowing you to decrease operational overhead and save costs on cloud resources.

Our DevOps consulting services include:

  • Architecture review
  • DevOps Assessment
  • Cost Optimization
Release Management

By applying ITIL best practices and enabling automation of the release process with the latest CI/CD best practices and other tools, we help businesses achieve speedier and more coherent deliveries, avoid downtimes during releases, and set up continuous improvement through the entire SDLC.

Change Management

We ensure a risk-free and robust change management process that goes in line with the pace of your software delivery lifecycle. Relying on continuous integration, continuous testing, and monitoring, we help organizations set up a proactive change management process with simplified change approval.

Cloud Migration

Infopulse provides end-to-end cloud migration services coupled with DevOps practices. Simplify the availability of services and speed up product releases with a deployment model that suits your business needs (on-premises, public/private cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud).

Logging, Monitoring, and APM

By employing Logging, Monitoring, and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tools, you can continuously track your infrastructure health and performance. In addition to logging and troubleshooting detected issues, you can also apply system events analysis to detect anomalies, identify trends, and make more informed decisions.

Disaster Recovery

Infopulse DevOps services aim at setting up Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) based on your requirements. Together with you, we define and implement a Disaster Recovery strategy to meet your objectives, while considering locations and function of workload resources and data.

Maintenance and Support

Increase the stability of your systems with Infopulse’s IT infrastructure support and maintenance services. The scope of Infopulse service offerings ranges from servers setup and their management, L1/L2/L3 technical support and maintenance, to application performance monitoring. With our proactive approach to monitoring and DevOps best practices, you can reduce the frequency of failures, minimize downtime costs, and speed up issues resolution.


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