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UX/UI Design & Consulting

Build meaningful experiences and pixel-perfect design across your website, web & mobile applications, or digital platforms with holistic UX/UI services from Infopulse.

We Help You
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Create Outstanding Customer Experience 

Infopulse combines in-depth research and UX/UI best practices to enhance your products and services with intuitive design, seamless digital journeys, and personalized experiences that result in improved customer satisfaction and acquisition.

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Differentiate Your Brand

Our experts help you stand out from the crowd by developing accessible and engaging UX/UI that evokes positive emotions and bonds the customers with your brand, thus ensuring long-term loyalty and trust.

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Accelerate Business Growth

Our UX/UI teams help you create intuitive navigation, aesthetic visuals, and consistent interactions to boost the conversion rates across your sales funnels and enhance the productivity of your employees with streamlined workflows.

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Save Time & Costs

Through iterative design, UX/UI prototyping, and continuous testing Infopulse helps you avoid errors, unnecessary features, and overcomplicated user flows in advance. This approach significantly reduces the time and costs required for software revamp and end-user support.

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Measure & Improve Usability

Infopulse performs a comprehensive UX assessment and heuristic evaluation to identify any usability gaps across your website or digital solutions. Subsequently, we highlight the areas for improvement and develop an actionable plan to resolve the usability challenges.

Service Categories


Infopulse provides tailored consulting services to enhance your UX/UI maturity – from short-term advisory to in-depth consulting across all stages of SDLC. We help you establish efficient UX/UI processes, adopt best-in-class tools and methodologies, provide expert advice on how to conduct user research, identify and resolve usability issues, and develop a successful UX strategy.


This service involves a set of intensive sessions that are aimed at gathering the required information for the UX/UI concept creation. Together with the project stakeholders, our experts elicit the key requirements, analyze the needs and expectations of your end-users, and brainstorm the key features and values of the solution. After processing the outcomes, Infopulse proposes a UX/UI concept.


Our UX/UI lab develops mockups, wireframes, and navigation and information architecture. We connect user flows, add interactions, visualize data, and create an advanced UI design to deliver a high-fidelity prototype of your solution.


Infopulse performs comprehensive testing of the UX/UI prototype, including usability, A/B, and emotional response testing, as well as accessibility evaluation, end-user surveys, and quantitative data gathering. As Infopulse practices iterative UX/UI design, our experts can refine the prototype to achieve the desired results.

Validation & Delivery

Once the testing sessions are complete, Infopulse discusses and approves the outcomes with the project stakeholders and delivers a tailored UX/UI solution that fully aligns with your business needs.

UX/UI Assessment

Infopulse conducts a holistic UX/UI assessment to evaluate the usability of your existing solutions. We review your products against UX best practices, heuristics, and agreed metrics to determine and prioritize usability issues. After the assessment, our team reports the findings, provides a list of suggested usability improvements, and their implementation roadmap.



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