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Software Product Modernization

Reengineer and update your legacy software without any business disruptions. Use a modern stack of technologies and approaches to stay relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

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Update Your Product Tech Stack 

Improve your market positioning by getting rid of obsolete technologies that no longer serve your business purpose. Revive the outdated software with Infopulse, optimize budget with reduced efforts and time, required to keep legacy tech running.

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Revamp Your IT Infrastructure

Recreate a solid base to take your business to new heights with legacy software modernization and innovative tech. Backed by the industry subject-matter expertise of Infopulse, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific demands.

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Breathe New Life into Business-critical Software

Replace the software developed years ago and benefit from the better scalability, enjoy the increased performance, and focus on important business tasks with fewer faults and downtimes.

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Enhance Application Maintenance

Infopulse can assist with step-by-step application changes without disrupting the business ecosystem. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of the cloud to help you lower the costs you would otherwise need to invest into building onsite IT infrastructure.

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Plan for the Future Scalability

Foresee the performance issues that might bottleneck the whole IT system. Infopulse can help you take firm steps to identify and mitigate performance deficiencies, eliminating the necessity of ad hoc adjustments.

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Transform Your Enterprise with Digital Technologies

With the application modernization services we provide, Infopulse helps you improve user experience and become more digital. Our specialists can increase your product competitiveness and attractiveness for your target audience.

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Decide on the Upgrade Path

Understanding your business requirements, we can help you decide on the tech stack and upgrading path, which can be prompted by the need to:Develop a new functionalityAccelerate productivityReduce maintenance costs, etc.

Service Categories

Application Re-engineering

Infopulse can help you rebuild legacy applications to lower operating costs, speed up innovation, and boost business value. With us, you can transform outdated monolithic architecture and unlock the benefits of reimagined legacy IT. Our expertise in software modernization and knowledge of business domains enable us to create the most suitable solutions that fully meet customers’ current needs and allow for future scalability.

Software Inspection

Before embarking on a modernization journey, we help you figure out the necessity to upgrade. We thoroughly audit your systems to locate security threats, performance bottlenecks, and unnecessary costly licenses. We apply the most relevant techniques to revitalize legacy software without any interruptions to your business operations. Infopulse can spot and narrow down the most relevant growth opportunities, propose a suitable tech stack, and harness the benefits of apps modernization and reinvention.

Application Retirement

Shutting down heavy and vulnerable back-end systems that no longer suit your IT infrastructure can be a complicated process. Infopulse ensures a frictionless shift to a modern solution, substituting your outdated software. Our team can perform application retirement and retain access to essential historical data with product modernization. Software decommissioning helps you reduce applications management and maintenance expenses, optimizing the whole IT infrastructure.

UX/UI Reimagining

Breathe new life into end-user experience and upgrade software interfaces with our design experts and application modernization engineers. We offer a new improved look and feel of your legacy app to transform user journeys and increase revenues. Starting from the smallest screens, we use the mobile-first approach to help you get:

  • Significantly increased productivity
  • Enhanced security compliance
  • Decreased learning curve for the newcomers
Modernizing Software with API Lifecycle Management

For a more secure and faster deployment, our team can bundle your applications to help you run distributed apps and microservices. We can create APIs to split your legacy monolithic architecture into easily managed microservices. Moreover, Infopulse offers holistic API lifecycle management services to help you transform APIs into products, build partner ecosystems, assess and reinforce API security, and set the stage for business process automation. Unlock the multi-fold benefits of legacy application modernization and containerization with trusted solutions from the industry leader.

Reverse Solution Engineering

Our team is determined to solve challenges with the reverse engineering of software & product modernization to make it fit the rest of your IT ecosystem. We explore the reasons why the app was architected and built in a certain way, connecting the dots and creating the missing documentation. With a holistic approach in mind, our team knows how to figure out the overall system architecture purpose and adjust the required components to fully meet the current needs of your business.

Cloud-enabled App Modernization

From AI to virtualization, cloud-native products offer your business plenty of opportunities to innovate. Replace heavy monolithic enterprise apps with SaaS solutions or re-engineer such legacy systems with PaaS or IaaS to increase business flexibility and scalability. Cut costs with our DevOps expertise and automate software delivery lifecycle in containerized Kubernetes- or Docker-powered workloads with CI/CD and our custom-built cloud solutions.

Remediation Services

Rework applications functionality and improve their maintainability to improve the cost-efficiency of your business. We help companies support the existing systems and boost their performance with software modernization. With Infopulse, you choose the proper combination of programs and integrate other enterprise applications within the business ecosystem. We tune up and sync the portfolio of legacy and new apps with minimum disruptions to ongoing business operations.


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