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Intelligent Automation

Start your customer-centric business transformation today. Choose the optimal course of action to enhance operations, customer experience, and employee satisfaction with intelligent automation consulting by Infopulse.

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Upgrade Your Operations 

Speed up operations at all levels with intelligent automation and expert-led change management. Our team can get you started with digital transformation and provide you with the benefits of modern business solutions.

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Harness Powerful Business Insights

Our solutions help you spot customer needs and focus on what is necessary to meet them. Deep dive into internal process webs, level up sales analytics, and employ data-powered decision-making with meaningful insights. 

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Improve Employee Satisfaction 

By entrusting routine tasks to machines, you can allow your workforce to focus on more strategic work, resulting in better employee engagement, increased productivity, and higher job satisfaction.

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Explore New Opportunities 

Add a competitive edge to your business with intelligent automation. With modern technology at your fingertips, you will be able to embrace the current and future industry trends, meet evolving customer demands, and win new markets.

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Mitigate Potential Threats 

Lower potential risks and errors with AI-driven algorithms. Our computer vision offerings ensure smooth operations and enhanced performance by decreasing the human factor with automated monitoring.

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Increase Data Precision 

Benefit from higher levels of data accuracy with advanced computer vision models and next-gen cameras. Use the insights to reengineer operational processes and build a data-driven business strategy with intelligent process automation.

Quick Start

RPA Adoption

Jumpstart your RPA adoption with a set of packaged services.

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Computer Vision Adoption & Acceleration

A set of packaged services to help you adopt Computer Vision to empower your business with intelligent automation tools.

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Our Services


Our data science experts help you make the most of your data. At Infopulse, we build effective analytical modules and neural networks that enhance data management, empowering businesses to make informed decisions, lowering the risks & cutting down operational expenses.

With our team, you can enhance existing products & services or create new ones with powerful technology at the core. We develop powerful solutions to determine anomalies, spot patterns, perform classification and provide insights based on deep learning algorithms.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Infopulse can introduce you to scalable RPA solutions that automate tedious manual labor, allowing your specialists to focus on more strategic tasks. We equip you with all the tools necessary for a smooth transformation: the intelligent process automation across the whole business does not require complex and expensive legacy system upgrades.  

Our team can build unattended RPA bots that automate: 

  • HR, accounting & finance
  • Help desk & IT support
  • Processes tailored to specific vertical functionality and much more
Computer Vision

Infopulse cognitive computing team can arm you with visual AI solutions to help your business enhance safety and security, boost operational efficiency, streamline retail and marketing, and simplify maintenance.

With reliable AI-driven development by Infopulse, you can mitigate potential risks, create faultless operations, get proactive automated monitoring and control, and minimize human factor. Ensure smooth business performance with accurate visual data, image recognition, and object tracking.

Predictive Analytics

We use the data at hand to help you tackle pressing business challenges and reach long-term goals. What is intelligent automation & how Infopulse can help with forecasting? We assist with sales forecasting and fraud prevention to guarantee business continuity. 

Beyond that, our team implements intelligent solutions to detect anomalies in equipment, monitor data performance & predict changes in consumer behavior, so you can take actions accordingly.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Infopulse offers an end-to-end analysis and implementation of NLP technology for businesses of all scales and domains. Our offerings include intelligent compliance, email & service requests classification. Experience far better customer satisfaction and accelerate business growth with smart machine performance. Using intelligent process automation, our experts can help you perform root cause analysis, explain the current trends, and make future projections to improve business planning.  

Intelligent Assistants

Infopulse develops digital assistants with either video or text interfaces to consult users or fulfill simple routine tasks on behalf of your employees, helping businesses optimize processes, reduce employee workload, and improve response times. Automate service desk, accounting, eCommerce product consulting or order status updates, redesigning routine operations management and control. Reach the new heights of business efficiency with intelligent 24/7 AI assistants to better engage with your customers and build long-lasting loyalty.



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