Software Quality Assurance & Application Testing Services

Software Quality Assurance

Infopulse provides end-to-end software quality assurance services to help you improve your time-to-market and deliver bug-free products and services with higher ROI and competitive advantage.

We Help You
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Improve Performance

By outsourcing app testing and quality assurance services to Infopulse, you ensure the smooth performance of your app and seamless user experience. 

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Optimize Development Time

Fixing errors during the early development stages saves time and resources otherwise spent on troubleshooting and speeds up your product time-to-market.

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Save Costs 

We make sure that all the bugs are detected before the product/service release. Thus, you save costs by avoiding downtimes as well as reducing financial and reputational risks.

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Prevent Failures

Our QA experts perform rigorous automated testing and software quality control helping to eliminate possible application failures and crashes.

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Get Service for Any Business Needs

Infopulse helps businesses overcome any application testing challenges, whether you require consulting on your QA strategy, want to assemble a dedicated QA team, or carry out a full-scale QA project.

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Access In-depth QA Expertise

We treat QA as an integral part of the software development process with a focus on the vast availability of highly competent experts, comprehensive test cases, and development artifacts, combined with effective time management.

Quick Start

Quality Assurance Assessment

Benefit from 20+ years of our experience in QA for telecom solutions.

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Mobile Development Assessment

Assess your ideas, jumpstart your mobile project, and/or test Infopulse as your long-term service partner.

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Custom Development Acceleration

From a brief technical assessment to PoC, MVP, and end-to-end custom software development services.

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Our Services

Manual Testing
  • Gathering requirements
  • Creating test cases
  • Identifying possible issues from a deep holistic perspective
  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations
Automated Testing 
  • Defining the scope of automation
  • Planning and development
  • Automated tests execution, saving time, costs, and effort on repetitive tests
Performance Testing
  • IT system assessment
  • Review of responsiveness, throughput, and scalability for web services and software solutions
  • Application and hardware performance testing
Installation Testing
  • Validating the key registry
  • Validating the structure of the file system
  • Verifying product update installation
  • Ensuring safe removal of the application
Usability Testing
  • Gathering requirements and checking functionality
  • Executing usability tests with end-users
  • Analyzing collected data
  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations
Compatibility and Cross-Browser Testing

Testing compatibility of IT infrastructure, including:

  • Software, hardware, operating systems, network environments, and web browsers
  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations
Security Testing
  • Controlling your product compliance with regulations
  • Security code review and penetration testing according to OWASP Top 10 and CWE checklists
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations
Web & Mobile Testing
  • Verifying your app compliance with iOS HIG and Android Design Principles, various platforms, OS versions, and devices
  • Mobile application security testing
  • Expert feedback and actionable recommendations
Accessibility Testing
  • Making web and mobile apps usable for people with disabilities (vision impairment, hearing disabilities, etc.)
  • Ensuring apps compatibility with screen readers, speech recognition software, screen magnification, and more
QA Processes Consulting & Workshops
  • Establishing methodological basis for QA processes
  • Setting up QA processes and teams
  • Defining QA tools/automation architecture
  • Conducting workshops tailored to your needs and requirements


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